My Favorite Quotes
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 Joseph Abate - “The claims data are telling us that the labor market is continuing to improve and growing at a rate of about 200,000 jobs a month.”
 Joe Abate - “The market didn't like his lines about inflation. Overall, the speech was extremely well balanced . . . The market is just focusing on one or two lines out of the entire speech.”
 Joe Abate - “The stronger data virtually assure significant changes in the Fed's directive this week. The new directive will probably include a grudging acknowledgement of the stronger labor market and inflation statistics.”
 Joseph Abate - “With little excess capacity left in the labor market, we expect continued upward pressure on wages.”
 Joseph Abate - “Warm weather and a post-December rebound in new activity will likely boost construction payrolls. Retail employment should also enjoy a post-holiday boost.”
 Joseph Abate - “The increase in gasoline prices and the prospect of a long, expensive winter is depressing sentiment.”
 Joe Abate - “We now believe that the first Fed rate hike will not come until December, and we continue to worry the Fed may be forced to ease again before it begins hiking rates.”
 Joe Abate - “It'll be a solid number, but it won't post the 8.2 percent growth we saw for the third quarter.”
 Toumani Diabate - “The whole of Mali woke up this morning to such strange weather and no visibility. Ali was a man of God. Everyone is thinking the same thing. However you look at it, it's mystical.”
 Toumani Diabate - “The whole of Mali woke up this morning to such strange weather and no visibility.”
 Joe Abate - “In the long run, crowding out tends to mitigate the effects of fiscal policy.”
 Joe Abate - “The employment picture remains fairly grim, and that's having a dampening effect on measures of consumer confidence. And we have higher energy prices, which is another drag on consumer confidence and a 'tax' on consumer spending.”
 Joseph Abate - “Further improvement in earnings and additional declines in the unemployment rate is likely to boost overall confidence and keep consumption strong.”
 Joseph Abate - “The key is for us as communities to let everyone know about the benefit of the program.”
 Joseph Abate - “With corporate balance sheets and cash flow strong, we look for investment spending to remain strong, pushing up growth in the capital stock and adding to labor productivity growth in 2006.”
 Toumani Diabate - “When it comes to blues, he exposed the real source of things. His music wasn't just for Mali or for Africa, but for the whole world.”