My Favorite Quotes
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 Joseph Abboud - “For me, there's a new generation of linens with finishes that don't wrinkle as much, that seem much more organic, much more natural.”
 Joseph Abboud - “I think we have to have traditional roots, but then make things modern for the 90s. I think it makes us more creative by taking traditional concepts and blowing them out a little bit.”
 Andy Abboud - “The level of detail in this report shows the importance we lay to our project's impact on the community. The economic numbers you don't see are contained in another part of our application to the state that remains sealed.”
 Joseph Abboud - “The most important thing that I think we've done this season is to show navy and gray in a very new way. Most men understand navy and gray as a navy blazer and a gray flannel trouser, but today, we're taking that very traditional color palette and putting it in a more modern shape.”
 Andy Abboud - “This is a great opportunity for us to meet the people in the community and outline the way they can benefit from our project. And we are really fortunate to have the backing of many of the local community groups.”
 Andy Abboud - “It's a lot of information to go through, but what the employees understand is that someone with one type of compulsive behavior may be predisposed to other addictive problems. Over time, in working with Harvard, we hope to understand what sort of programs and treatments work.”
 Andy Abboud - “The beauty of our project is that we are taking something historical, something that has an emotional attachment to the community, and giving it rebirth. The sense of neighborhood and community at the Bethlehem Steel site is a good thing. We intend to be good neighbors, and we intend to create economic rejuvenation.”