My Favorite Quotes
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 Abby Aronowitz - “The whole Hollywood spin machine works together to create images that are impossible for any of us to live up to. They purposefully set us up to admire and even covet something we can never have.”
 Abby Aronowitz - “There are fortunes being made by turning fans into victims and all it starts by creating that frenzy known as celebrity worship.”
 Abby Aronowitz - “Constant preoccupation with food, weight, and body image is a sign that an eating disorder is sapping energy from other areas of life.”
 Abby Aronowitz - “Obsessions are repetitive thoughts which resemble worry and are accompanied by anxiety. Compulsions are behavioral acts designed to eliminate the obsessions. And sometimes if your mind becomes so cluttered with obsessions, and your day so filled with compulsions, life as you know becomes completely taken over by anxiety and counterproductive rituals.”
 Abby Aronowitz - “If you idolize someone for their accomplishments, and those accomplishments spurn you on to make gains in your own life, then admiring a celebrity can have a positive influence on your ambition, or even your mental health.”
 Abby Aronowitz - “Prior to Marilyn Monroe, a star's life was hidden from the public. But now, instead of a glossy ideal, we see celebrity's ugly messes, including their drug and alcohol abuse, which, for many who admire these people, translates into a very dangerous message.”