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 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I allowed him far too much space in my own head, ... of these moves worked more than once.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “When we went up against teams that were better, I just hoped that we could steal the victories.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “The transition was difficult. It's hard to stop something that you've enjoyed and that has been very rewarding.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “The game has basically not changed since I ended my career.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “My most memorable moment came in 1985 as we beat the Boston Celtics.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “My choosing Islam was not a political statement it was a spiritual statement.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “Jackie Robinson, as an athlete and as someone who was trying to make a stand for equality, he was exemplary.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I'm not going to disappear.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I would suggest that teachers show their students concrete examples of the negative effects of the actions that gangsta rappers glorify.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I think the NBA will certainly survive without Michael Jordan.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I think the NBA players have to be held accountable in a reasonable way, just like any other professionals.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I think that the good and the great are only separated by the willingness to sacrifice.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I think someone should explain to the child that it's OK to make mistakes. That's how we learn. When we compete, we make mistakes.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I think I did very well against everyone who tried to defend me.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I hope to be involved in a successful movie script.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I feel that there has been progress made since I was a boy on matters of race, but we have a long way to go.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “Center is a very tough position to play.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “As brilliant an individual that Michael Jordan was, he was not successful until he got with a good team unit.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “A team will always appreciate a great individual if he's willing to sacrifice for the group.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “The extra pass and the extra effort on defense always get the job done.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “You can't win unless you learn how to lose.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “When the line started to blur between the fans and the players, sometimes things can get ugly.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “Fundamental preparation is always effective. Work on those parts of your game that are fundamentally weak.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “I had a moment like that with Wilt (Chamberlain). He knocked me out of bounds, I came back and faked him, came across the middle and dunked on him.”
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - “If they took the idea that they could escape poverty through education, I think it would make a more basic and long-lasting change in the way things happen. What we need are positive, realistic goals and the willingness to work. Hard work and practical goals.”

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