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 Paula Abdul - “I'm the most popular girl around. I've been giving mine away to everyone, and they're going insane over it.”
 Paula Abdul - “Breath of fresh air. I don't know if we should give you a record deal or a strait jacket.”
 Paula Abdul - “I think casting directors need to take a good look at you because the camera loves you.”
 Paula Abdul - “I don't see you raising the bar each week. I adore you. America has fallen in love with you. But at this point, it is about greatness and I didn't feel that from you.”
 Paula Abdul - “All the facts have been changed to get laughs at my expense. I hope you enjoy it.”
 Paula Abdul - “LOS ANGELES, Aug. 12 (Reuters) - An investigation by the Fox television network has found no evidence to support assertions by a former contestant on the hit television show American Idol, ... grateful this ordeal is over.”
 Paula Abdul - “Officials from the Fox Television Network announced Friday (August 12) that investigators found no evidence to support a former American Idol contestant's claims that he had an affair with judge Paula Abdul. According to the Associated Press, Fox officials said Paula will be back as a judge on the show's upcoming season and that they will be implementing an enhanced non-fraternization ... I'm grateful this ordeal is over, and I'm so looking forward to getting back to the job I love.”
 Paula Abdul - “American Idol. When we had auditions here they were absolutely fantastic, great stories, great characters. We had one 24- or 25-year-old guy who was prematurely gray and sang the standards -- Perry Como, Frank Sinatra -- a total Vegas guy.”
 Paula Abdul - “Your talent is your art. It is not to be taken for granted.”
 Paula Abdul - “You need these experiences. Just know that sometimes, the director has a specific look in mind.”
 Paula Abdul - “When people expect me to go right, I'll go left. I'm unpredictable.”
 Paula Abdul - “Virgin Records will probably release their own package sometime next year.”
 Paula Abdul - “There are many talented people.”
 Paula Abdul - “The more auditions you go on, the more you will learn not to take it personally.”
 Paula Abdul - “Simon would not want to audition in front of Simon.”
 Paula Abdul - “Simon drives me crazy. We are still arguing.”
 Paula Abdul - “My job, I think, is the hardest job out of all the judges because I am the only one that is a performer.”
 Paula Abdul - “If they're singing about heartbreak, they've lived it.”
 Paula Abdul - “If I decide to tour, I definitely would come to Washington, D.C. We'll see.”
 Paula Abdul - “I'm working toward a CD that will have all of you dancing like crazy.”
 Paula Abdul - “I'm happily single.”
 Paula Abdul - “I'm grateful this ordeal is over, and I'm so looking forward to getting back to the job I love.”
 Paula Abdul - “I will never forget my humble beginnings as a Laker Girl. It was probably one of the most fun jobs I ever had.”
 Paula Abdul - “I think it would be great if there were no age limit.”
 Paula Abdul - “I think a duet with Janet is a great idea.”

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