My Favorite Quotes
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 Amir Abdulla - “Winter is not yet over and hundreds of thousands of people still urgently need to be reached.”
 Amir Abdulla - “If you don't do this now people will not be able to recover.”
 Abdulkhaleq Abdulla - “We don't have qualified people to speak. They don't have experts and commentators. There's no political discourse in this city, and it showed.”
 Amir Abdulla - “Since the earthquake struck in October, these helicopters have been crucial in transporting food and non-food items, like medicine and warm clothing and they have helped to prevent many deaths.”
 Amir Abdulla - “WFP intends to continue helping the refugees but it can only do so with the help of the international community. That help is needed more than ever.”
 Abdulkhaleq Abdulla - “This is an Arab city living in a unique moment in history.”
 Abdulkhaleq Abdulla - “Dubai has been trying to prove to the rest of the Arab world that there is life after oil, and that in fact it's a better life. The good news is there is room for a second and a third Dubai, just like there was room for a second Singapore in Asia.”