My Favorite Quotes
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 Abdullah - “formation of a fully represented, broad-based government.”
 King Abdullah - “It is important not to disregard the new government before reviewing its agenda first.”
 King Abdullah - “the hand of justice will reach the perpetrators wherever they are.”
 King Abdullah - “The Palestinian issue is at a crossroads, either we head towards a solution ... establishing a Palestinian state, or we go back to the first quarter.”
 King Abdullah - “does have a big question mark over his head.”
 Burhanuddin Abdullah - “We have to strive for the completion of legal and institutional facilities this year. I hope it can be completed in the first semester or the third quarter of 2006 at the latest.”
 King Abdullah - “Our relations with India will help Indo-Pak relations.”
 Burhanuddin Abdullah - “I expect year-on-year inflation this month (December) to stand at around 18 percent.”
 Abdullah - “The dialogue will discuss the topics that are of interest to the Palestinian case.”
 Abdullah - “The presence of our political leadership, of our security forces in Kabul shouldn't be interpreted as a move to block the political settlement, ... it would, rather, help that political settlement.”
 King Abdullah - “full part in countering the evil of terrorism.”
 Abdullah - “This is an extremely sensitive issue here, and an extremely serious issue back home. Every time we have a case, it is like an alarm. These contradictions will not go away with one or two cases.”
 Abdullah - “in a few days' time.”
 King Abdullah - “in these very difficult times.”
 Farooq Abdullah - “I hope to God that the kind of security arrangements we have done today, we will not need to do in the future,”
 King Abdullah - “I'm optimistic, and I think that today will be the start of a process that will get us back onto the roadmap.”
 King Abdullah - “Kissing hands is alien to our values and morals, and is not accepted by free and noble souls,”
 King Abdullah - “We need to sit down and talk to each other. It's just so sad to hear ... extremist views that all they talk about is violence, on either side. We have to get beyond that.”
 Farooq Abdullah - “It's an attempt to sabotage the process set in motion, ... a silver lining has started to appear in the dark clouds of violence.”
 Abdullah - “The wife of the gentleman has registered the lawsuit against her husband. The government of Afghanistan has nothing to do with it. It's a legal and judicial case, but I hope that through our constitutional process there will be a satisfactory result.”
 Abdullah - “We have learned how to work together to get rid of the Taliban in the first place and to find a lasting settlement for Afghanistan,”
 Abdullah - “Terrorists from all over the world have joined them.”
 King Abdullah - “If you look at democracy in the United States, you will see that it took many, many, many years to develop.”
 King Abdullah - “I have stated ... that we will fight the terrorists and those who support them or condone their actions for 10, 20 or 30 years if we have to, until we eliminate this scourge.”
 King Abdullah - “What the king found was that not all agencies were in line with his program, ... One arm was working against the other. People were confused. The king decided to bring in a team that was reformist and worked in tandem.”

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