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 Mike Vrabel - “I think if you're going to give up 400 yards a game, you'd better be pretty good in the red zone. That's been our saving grace. It wasn't enough last week because obviously we lost. But we can do it. You just can't do it some games and then not some (other) games. You can't be good against the run one week (and not the next). It's (about) consistency.”
 John Abel - “Next-generation soft-switch technology is in high demand as communications service providers develop and deploy IP networks. The Technology Assurance Labs Shoot Out on the Telecom NEXT exhibit floor will be a great place for service providers to compare the latest soft-switch products from some of the world's most innovative technology companies.”
 John Abel - “IMS technology will play a big role in determining how communications service providers develop and deploy next-generation networks. The IDC Shoot Out on the Telecom NEXT exhibit floor will be a great place to compare the latest IMS products from some of the world's leading technology companies.”
 Erik Zabel - “I've got everything I need here to be happy - a solid team, good riders and a great team manager (Stanga).”
 Don Abel - “In the mental-health field, it's sort of walking a tightrope. You can't treat someone by simply locking them up. It can be tough, but we try to minimize the risk as best we can and still provide treatment.”
 Ty Zabel - “We started off great. It's a long season for a freshman. We are just getting worn down. From here on out, it's got to be all heart and working on that mental aspect of the game.”
 Erik Zabel - “I actually have no idea about what can happen on Sunday,”
 Eitan Cabel - “It looks like a package deal. We spoke about their remaining (in Labor) and not defecting to another party, but apparently things were already sealed, and the talks with us were nothing but a smokescreen.”
 Julian Schnabel - “It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings”
 Artur Schnabel - “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes ah, that is where the art resides.”
 Artur Schnabel - “I know two kinds of audiences only - one coughing, and one not coughing.”
 Artur Schnabel - “I don't think I handle the notes much differently from other pianists. But the pauses between the notes - ah, there is where the artistry lies”
 Artur Schnabel - “I am the only person here who is enjoying this, and I get the money they pay and have to suffer.”
 Artur Schnabel - “When a piece gets difficult, make faces.”
 Mike Vrabel - “This is something that I'm sure has been thought about and has been planned. He'll be ready to go.”
 Liz Vrabel - “I don't have much time left here, so I think knowing that I only have a couple months left makes this season special. I'm not worried about winning any personal awards. I'm more concerned with our team winning the MAC Championship.”
 Don Abel - “Richard was a bright guy. He had a lot of good travel skills, obviously. Many (escapees) just stay right around Salem, so we've been able to bring them back into the hospital. We haven't been that lucky with Richard.”
 Julian Schnabel - “is a victory for our neighborhood.”
 Liz Vrabel - “They're two really good teams, Michigan won the World Series last year and those were two games that were only going to prepare us for the MAC season.”
 Mike Vrabel - “It's always good to win, because a win in this league is worth a lot. We can play so much better than that. But this is our football team. No matter who's not here, this is it. The team we suited up tonight is the team we've got all year. We've got to accept that and get on with it.”
 Erik Zabel - “I'm of course not so happy that I didn't ride in the Tour de France and that was my first time that I didn't do the Tour for years. So, it was not so good for me not to ride the Tour, but after my broken ankle in the spring, I was good in the rest of the classics. I also hope to be good for the rest of the season and now I'm a little bit like in the Vuelta, or maybe a little bit better. I'm happy.”
 Mike Vrabel - “That kind of stamina and production over the course of eight or nine years is impressive. He's been a great teammate. He's done everything to help this team win. I think we're going to start to see a lot more Corey (in the coming games).”
 Erik Zabel - “Magnifique, ... It's a very good day for me and my team manager Walter Godefroot, as well as for Frans Van Looy. It's last race this season for them, and also for Aldag and myself, so to finish it with a victory here on Paris-Tours is wonderful Of course, after 13 years of a lot of victories and emotions with Telekom and later T-Mobile, this is a very precious moment.”
 Mike Vrabel - “This will be a great test. Its a division opponent, so theres a lot of familiarity from the head coach right on down. This is a team thats physical and has gone on the record as saying they want to play physical, dominate people and run the football, and it shows. They are doing that. Its impressive, so its going to be a huge challenge.”
 Cheryl Sabel - “We are going to be educating people about politicians who do not represent women who helped get them elected.”

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