My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Gabella - “We've done a lot of good things these three games to be positive about. The outcome wasn't what we wanted but if we keep playing that way and getting good pitching and playing the way we're supposed to play, the wins will start coming.”
 Jim Gabella - “Their starter did a heck of a job. He did everything a pitcher's supposed to do really. You're going to have games like that. You just have to learn from it and go on.”
 Jim Gabella - “Right now we're not playing very well. We're not putting anything together offensively. We can do one of two things we can feel sorry for ourselves or we can come back out (today) and work.”
 Jim Gabella - “In the last two years that's been our strong point. It looks like it's going to be pretty solid again this year.”
 Vernon Isabella - “I knew he was tired but I asked him to go the extra mile. I didn't notice any flaws in his mechanics and the extra time in between innings did not hurt us.”
 Jim Gabella - “With Mario, every time he goes and tries to dive or something, we're going to hold our breath. But he's 100 percent and playing well. He swung the bat well in spring training. Vega did also. Those two guys will probably be in the middle of the lineup and kind of rely on them for some offensive power, some offensive numbers.”
 David Abella - “There has been a definite softening. Oil prices are starting to hit the middle-income consumer. It's a psychological thing. They read about it every day.”
 Vernon Isabella - “I told him to try and throw strikes because we couldn't afford to walk anybody because then we couldn't (use our) defense. He looked tired, but I thought he could get through it.”
 Jim Gabella - “The big thing is throwing consistent strikes. If our guys can do that, they're going to have a chance to succeed. For the most part we did a good job of that. Cody in that last inning struggled a little bit with his command, settled down and made some adjustments and got them out.”
 Jim Gabella - “J.P. played some first base in college. That helps a lot. We'll be able to get his bat in the lineup a little bit more. Now it's my job to find them enough time behind the plate to try to develop them, too.”
 Jim Gabella - “It's part of the game and every club goes through little spells when things don't go their way.”
 Vernon Isabella - “It's much easier to influence them. At this age, you have more of a grip. As they get older, you begin to lose that grip.”
 Jim Gabella - “We didn't pitch very well or play defense very well. We swung the bats a bit better but when you don't pitch well and don't take care of the baseball, you're not going to win many games.”
 Jim Gabella - “The suspended game, we kind of let that one get away. They kind of let that other one get away. That's baseball. Anything can happen. You just have to keep going out there.”
 Jim Gabella - “That was pretty impressive. He's got a bright future ahead of him.”