My Favorite Quotes
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 Vin Abene - “With four senior pitchers, we trust any four at any time. All will continue to battle for innings and the nice thing is that all of them have good experience.”
 Vin Abene - “I think Nate was unknown and he was a big surprise to the program. By becoming a pitcher only and putting the time in he just got better as the year went on.”
 Vin Abene - “With Tony being out we moved Phil from the fifth spot in the order to bat second. He's a good contact hitter and moves runners.”
 Vin Abene - “He's a solid outfielder with a strong arm. He can hit to the opposite field and he has some power.”
 Vin Abene - “He could be as dominant as those guys. He's right up there on that level. I don't want to say he's come from nowhere. This kid just waited for his opportunity and he took advantage of it.”
 Vin Abene - “We always felt that pitching was the most important aspect of the game and we caught ourselves at times, especially in the middle of the season, not dedicating enough time for those guys to get their work in. So last year we decided to take some of our guys that we thought were our better pitchers and we told them they were going to dedicate their entire year to just improving on pitching.”
 Vin Abene - “It was definitely a disappointing loss. It's early though, so we'll bounce back.”
 Vin Abene - “To improve that much throughout a season shows how hard he works and how dedicated he is at being a great pitcher. I've seen him in the beginning of the year and was very impressed. By the end of the year when I saw him again, I saw a polished college pitcher on the mound.”
 Vin Abene - “They (Monroe) are a solid ball club. They have a legitimate chance to win the county tournament.”