My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Aberlich - “The contract runs out next year. We're examining several options.”
 Mike Aberlich - “It's becoming harder and harder to make that claim there's a 'Big Three'. We're a different company than we used to be -- we're not just Chrysler. With the global automotive world, it's no longer a neat package of Detroit over in this corner, everyone else in that corner. The significance is questionable what it means. All we can do is try to continue to grow profitably, that's what we're going to try to continue to do.”
 Mike Aberlich - “Just talking about (the discounts), it was clear that if we were going to come with an employee pricing program, we had to make it better, andor when we started talking about it we needed to do it in a different way.”
 Mike Aberlich - “Once they open an investigation like this, they send us a summary, usually from one to six weeks later, outlining what they want. Have there been reports of injuries or deaths Yes, but it's not clear they're all from the same thing.”