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 Todd Abernethy - “It's tough when you lose to think you're awesome. I know when we won a couple games in a row, we were so confident going into the (Mississippi) State game we knew we were going to win. Doubts can come in when you're losing.”
 Todd Abernethy - “Winning at the end would be big. I don't think it wipes everything out ... that's a lot of games. But it sure would help. It would give us a winning season, and that's better than I've ever done here.”
 Todd Abernethy - “After he got fired with two games left, he could have packed it up and not even come with us. That just shows his character. He's studying film. He was giving everything he had in these last few games.”
 Todd Abernethy - “We've gone 10-3 the hard way, I think. But no one can take that away from us. It feels good no matter how we've gotten it.”
 Todd Abernethy - “We came here wanting to win, expecting to win, but State played a heck of a game. The last game, we beat them with a lot off on-ball screens. This time, they doubled us coming off the screens. Great strategy. They were more cautious not to let me got the open shot.”
 Todd Abernethy - “Everyone was just stunned. Everyone just hurts for him. I can't imagine losing a brother. We hugged him. We're here for him we're praying for him. In the weeks to come we'll just rally around him, support him and do anything he needs to help him get through this time.”
 Todd Abernethy - “In everything, you just have to weigh the options and figure out the best thing. For some people, it might be best to leave, start fresh.”
 Todd Abernethy - “We really haven't paid any attention to it. We just want to finish up strong for everybody for Ole Miss.”
 Todd Abernethy - “It's going to make a big, big difference having Dwayne back. In the last game we didn't establish any post presence, and Dwayne is a guy who takes up a lot of space and can score inside.”
 Todd Abernethy - “I still think it's a big game for him. He's got to be excited with how he's playing and he's going to make an impact (tonight).”
 Todd Abernethy - “It's tough. We love Coach (Barnes), plain and simple. He's put so much into this program. He fights every day and comes to work every day with joy, no matter what. It was sad to hear he won't be with us next year.”
 Todd Abernethy - “I think he can be a big difference for us. He can score, and he just takes up space. I don't think he would have been the whole difference in the 40-point loss. I think our team needs to stay focused and not let scoring droughts take us out of the game.”
 Todd Abernethy - “I think it's going to be a big, big difference having Dwayne with us. ... He just takes up space, but I don't think he would have been the whole difference in the 40-point loss.”
 Todd Abernethy - “We have no choice but to go to LSU and fight. We have to give it our best shot.”
 Todd Abernethy - “He's our big man and we're going to miss him. We go through him and rely on him scoring and rebounding. But we have no choice but to go out and play the best we can without him.”
 Todd Abernethy - “We feel pretty embarrassed. But we have no choice but to keep pressing on.”
 Todd Abernethy - “It's our fault. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We've had four or five chances to get to No. 15 and haven't been able to lock it down.”
 Todd Abernethy - “That wasn't anything unusual. He has different styles. Sometimes he's quiet. I don't blame him for getting loud.”
 Todd Abernethy - “I don't blame him for getting loud. We let this one slip by.”
 Todd Abernethy - “We needed it. It was very good for us to get back to playing Ole Miss basketball. When you don't practice at all, you forget your defensive principles. Just the sharpness goes away a little bit. The week was great for us. We worked hard and had some intense days.”
 Todd Abernethy - “We really haven't paid any attention to it. We just want to finish up strong for everybody for Ole Miss.”
 John Abernethy - “There is no short cut, nor royal road, to the attainment of medical knowledge. The path which we have to pursue is long, difficult, and unsafe.”
 John Abernethy - “Pray, Mr. Abernethy, what is a cure for gout' was the question of an indolent and luxurious citizen. 'Live upon sixpence a day - and earn it,' was the cogent reply.”
 John Abernethy - “We must adopt loathsome diseases for our familiar associates, or we shall never be thoroughly acquainted with their nature and dispositions we must risk, nay even injure, our own health in order to be able to preserve or restore that of others.”
 John Abernethy - “Private patients, if they do not like me, can go elsewhere but the poor devils in the hospital I am bound to take care of.”

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