My Favorite Quotes
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 Victor Abiamiri - “It's not enough to just disrupt him. The best way to stop an athletic quarterback is to bring him down. You can't allow him to get in open field and make plays.”
 Victor Abiamiri - “A lot of people counted on us to kind of cash it in after such an emotional loss. We battled back to go 5-0 to end the season. It's kind of a testament to our team and our coaching staff.”
 Victor Abiamiri - “Everyone thought to themselves, 'Yeah,' and bought in from that moment. It was his whole aura, tone of voice, demeanor, the air of confidence he brought. Throughout the whole season it came through him and into our football team. It's manifested itself in our football season.”
 Victor Abiamiri - “I think our team is starting to reflect the attitude of our head coach. We're buying into what he's trying to teach.”