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 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “There is always enough self-love hidden beneath the greatest devoutness to set limits on charity.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “There is little advantage in pleasing ourselves when we please no one else, for our great self-love is often chastised by the scorn of others.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Self-love makes us deceive ourselves in almost all matters, to censure others, and to blame them for the same faults that we do not correct in ourselves we do this either because we are unaware of the evil that exists within us, or because we always see our own evil disguised as a good.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Self-love is even deceived by self-love, because by looking out for our own interests and disregarding those of other people, we lose the advantage that comes with the exchange of favors.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Self-love is almost always the ruling principle of our friendships. It makes us avoid all our obligations in unprofitable situations, and even causes us to forget our hostility towards our enemies when they become powerful enough to help us achieve fame or fortune.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “There are people so blind and self-absorbed in all matters that they always believe that, whatever they desire or think, they can impose their will on other people. Whatever bad reason they use to persuade others, these self-centered people are so caught up in the process that it seems to them all they have to do is to speak their wishes in a lofty and commanding tone of voice in order to convince everybody.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “There is a certain manner of self-absorption in speaking that always renders the speaker disagreeable. For it is as great a folly to listen only to ourselves while we are carrying on a conversation with others as it is to talk to ourselves while we are alone.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Just as there is no action weaker or more unreasonable than to submit one's judgment to another's, where there is no advantage to oneself, so also there is nothing greater or wiser than to place oneself unquestioningly under God's judgment by believing in every word He speaks.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Nothing can tell us so much about the general lawlessness of humanity as a perfect acquaintance with our own immoderate behavior. If we would think over our own impulses, we would recognize in our own souls the guiding principle of all vices which we reproach in other people and if it is not in our very actions, it will be present at least in our impulses. There is no malice that self-love will not offer to our spirits so that we may exploit any occasion, and there are few people virtuous enough not to be tempted.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “There is no one who cannot derive great help and great benefit from learning but there are also only a few people who do not receive a great harm from the light and knowledge they have received by learning, unless they use their knowledge in a manner both fit and natural for them.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “When High and Mighty people want to make us believe that they possess some good quality which they in fact do not have, it is dangerous to show that you doubt them because, by removing their hope of deceiving the world, you also remove their desire to perform the good acts that might have arisen from their very pretensions.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Good fortune almost always makes some change in a man's behavior in his manner of speaking and acting. It is a great weakness to want to bedeck oneself in qualities which are not his own. If he esteemed virtue above all other things, neither the favors of fortune nor the advantages of position would change a man's face or heart.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “There are petty-minded people who cannot endure to be reminded of their ignorance because, since they are usually quite blind to all things, quite foolish, and quite ignorant, they never question anything, and are persuaded that they see clearly what in fact they never see at all, save through the darkness of their own dispositions.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Sometimes we praise the way things used to be in order to blame the present, and we esteem what is no longer in order to scorn what is.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “We are more put off by people who parade their dignity than by people who show off their wardrobes. When people have to trick themselves out to gain attention, it is a sure sign that they are unworthy of it. If we want to make ourselves worthy, we can do so only by the innate eminence conferred by virtue. We hold great people in esteem more for the qualities of their soul than for the qualities of their fortune.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “When an opinionated person starts to challenge something, his mind shuts out all that could clear up the matter. The argument irritates him, however just it might be, and it seems that he is afraid of discovering the truth.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Mean-spirited mediocrities, especially those with a smattering of learning, are the most likely to be opinionated. Only strong minds know how to correct their opinions and abandon a bad position.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Those who foolishly pride themselves on their nobility mistake that which makes them noble, for it is only the virtue of their ancestors that gives them noble blood.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “We so love all new and unusual things that we even derive a secret pleasure from the saddest and most tragic events, both because of their novelty and because of the natural malignity that exists within us.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “We can know ourselves quite well, but for all that we never sufficiently scrutinize ourselves, and we take more pains to appear as we should than to actually be what we should.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “There are many people who are so inclined to say 'no' that the 'no' always precedes whatever we say to them. This negative quality makes them so disagreeable that, even if they do what we want them to or agree with what we say, they always lose the pleasure that they might have received had they not started off so badly.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “To be too dissatisfied with ourselves is a weakness. To be too satisfied with ourselves is a stupidity.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “The maxims of Christian life, which should draw upon the truths of the Gospel, are always partially symbolic of the mind and temperament of those who teach them to us. The former, by their natural sweetness, show us the quality of God's mercy the latter, by their harshness, show us God's justice.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “It is base to take advantage of our rank or greatness by making fun of those placed beneath us in life.”
 Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé - “Love is always master everywhere. It shapes the soul, the heart, and the mind wherever it exists. What matters is not the amount of love, but simply its existence in the mind and heart where it resides. And it truly appears that love is to the soul of the lover as the soul itself is to the body which it animates.”

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