My Favorite Quotes
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 Terry Venables - “Apart from their goals, Norway haven't scored.”
 Terry Venables - “If you can't stand the heat in the dressing room, get out of the kitchen.”
 Terry Venables - “If history is going to repeat itself I should think we can expect the same thing again.”
 Loretta Ables - “They can't give us any word alive, or what but we are hoping he is.”
 Brent Venables - “We practiced most of two-a-days without him. It would have been worse if he would have practiced this whole time and then lose him now. Guys got valuable reps and you have to count on them.”
 Loretta Ables - “What I want to hear is he is alive, but they can't tell me that. He's worked in this mine for six years. He said that's the way he's gonna go -- in the mines.”
 Terry Venables - “If you can't outplay the opposition, you must outnumber them.”
 Terry Venables - “I had mixed feelings - like watching my mother in law drive over a cliff in your car.”
 Loretta Ables - “It's a miracle. Everyone was telling us they were probably dead.”
 Brent Venables - “We'll find the guys that want to play and want to prepare. This is a long season, so we have to make these guys respond.”
 Loretta Ables - “He was going to call in sick today but he wanted to make more money for the holidays.”
 Rick Cables - “The plan for tomorrow, if we get favorable weather, is to get hand crews on the fire lines, continue air flights and bucket drops to put out hotspots and to continue to be as aggressive as we can while we've got the weather.”
 Brent Venables - “I thought it was okay, pretty good. We pressured a lot from different places. As far as a straight four-man rush, in passing situations, it's hard to gauge that right now. We'll have to see.”
 Brent Venables - “It's amazing when you're playing consistently and not giving up big plays, the perception is now all of a sudden you're playing dominant defense. But over the long haul, in time you're going to give up some plays here and there.”
 Brent Venables - “The top-line guys in the Washington area this year are as good as anyone in the country.”
 Brent Venables - “Whether recognized nationally or not, we still feel we have a defense that's got a lot of very, very good players and some of the best at their positions in the country. Hopefully on Tuesday night you'll be able to see that.”
 Rick Cables - “I'm shocked and, with a lot of other people, in a state of disbelief. Fire service people take care of the land and protect the resources. I'm sure our folks are going to have tough time with this news.”
 Brent Venables - “Whether or not he's ready, it's irrelevant because he's going to play. There's a pecking order of what you have going into the year. He was where he was and now he is where he is. I feel comfortable with Alan and he'll be capable of helping us.”
 Rick Cables - “We've got 'trigger points' set up depending on what the weather does and what the fire behavior does. This fire is just really devastating.”
 Rick Cables - “Fortunately, the fire seems to be holding on the south end. We haven't had any major, significant acreage growth today. On the north end, we were able to get hand crews in there and do some direct attack.”
 Brent Venables - “We're going to be fine. It's a good group. It's not like we're limited in ability. We have ability.”