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 Jack Ablin - “But the key here is really going to be guidance. Everyone is looking for signs of the rolling over of profit growth, although not as much as the Fed or higher energy prices might indicate.”
 Jack Ablin - “Investors have their rally caps on for year end, and we're doing it with speculation. With a good inflation report and strong growth, it seems to be the perfect elixir for Wall Street.”
 Jack Ablin - “Intel signaled that earnings growth is slowing, but we expected that, ... The real question is how much it's going to slow, what companies are going to get hit, which one's aren't. We'll know more when more earnings reports come in.”
 Jack Ablin - “Intel signaled that earnings growth is slowing, but we expected that. The real question is how much it's going to slow, what companies are going to get hit, which one's aren't. We'll know more when more earnings reports come in.”
 Jack Ablin - “I don't view the market as risky or dangerous even in spite of more Fed tightening. We have enough value in U.S. and international growth stocks. What's holding stocks back right now is uncertainty about interest rates, not valuation.”
 Jack Ablin - “There's really not a lot of information here to work with, and I think the market's taking a rest.”
 Jack Ablin - “The GDP upgrade could put more pressure on the Fed. At the same time, we're losing ground with the consumer... From the perspective of today's market, it's a one-two punch.”
 Jack Ablin - “Generally, Wal-Mart can give real-time data faster than the government, because they can just pull this off their cash registers.”
 Jack Ablin - “I would infer from the statement that the Fed is somewhat more sanguine on the economic recovery. Perhaps they believe that 55 oil prices are, at least for the time being, something of the past and that jobs are just improving at a moderate pace.”
 Jack Ablin - “We're still getting more negatives on the economic front today, and this is a period where we're really looking for economic growth to avoid a Fed rate cut.”
 Jack Ablin - “Between leading indicators and subdued inflation expectations, it's really set a nice backdrop for the market today,”
 Jack Ablin - “I don't see any last-day-of-the-year rebound. I think it will be more of the same tomorrow.”
 Jack Ablin - “Gold is creating a psychological dark cloud over the market. With gold on the upside and inflation fears, the numbers we get tomorrow will clarify some of these concerns.”
 Jack Ablin - “When you have strong growth and low wages, the chief beneficiary is corporate America.”
 Jack Ablin - “The world assumes the Fed will raise the rates by a quarter percentage point, that's a non-event. It's what the statement lays out about the pace of future rate hikes that will be important, because that's what people are thinking about. I think the inflation reports will also be pivotal next week.”
 Jack Ablin - “Over the last four years the Fed has played the part of a surrealistic painter, creating a dreamy backdrop with generously low interest rates.”
 Jack Ablin - “The projected job growth number would mark a pretty strong snapback from the previous month.”
 Jack Ablin - “Any number Wal-Mart gives is tantamount to an economic indicator,”
 Jack Ablin - “The tick up in oil prices hurts, but history has shown that interest rates have a much bigger impact on the stock market than oil. And looking at the ISM services number, you're seeing the kind of gradual, lazy improvement in the economy that's not going to really get rates going.”
 Jack Ablin - “We have some very ugly numbers. You can argue that the ISM is still backward looking, and maybe even the jobless claims, but eventually we're going to need some evidence that the economy is improving. We had a lot of enthusiasm coming from earnings, but the news today is a little bit of a slap in the face that we're not out of the woods yet.”
 Jack Ablin - “It was probably one of the quietest days of the year. We started the day with good news on weaker oil prices but bad news on housing sales.”
 Jack Ablin - “Any bad news can throw us, and the jobs report was perceived as bad news, seen as a sign that the recovery is fragile, but that's not necessarily true. In the last two recessions, a pickup in employment only happened a year after the recession had ended. So just because unemployment is higher doesn't mean we're not on track for a recovery.”
 Jack Ablin - “Right now, we have this positive confluence of earnings and economic news that has been propelling the market.”
 Jack Ablin - “The housing news was the big setback today. While we suspect that housing is likely to slow and thereby take the primary catalyst away from consumer spending, the number came in worse than expected and forced investors to face reality much sooner.”
 Jack Ablin - “It seems like the market is obsessing on this bond market fallout, which was somewhat precipitated by the move to raise (interest rates) in Japan. A lot of the fuel that has been used to invest in this bond market has been derived from 'easy money' in Japan.”

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