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 Pat Abney - “I don't think anybody is going to give them a game. Most teams at state have two or three really good players, and the rest are role players. Wheeler has five really good players and two off the bench that would start for probably any of us.”
 David Abney - “This is not just a private right - but one belonging to legislators as part of the separation of powers and as part of the essential functions of government.”
 Tim Abney - “I think we have a very similar team to last year. We had a very young team last year yet they had a much better performance than their age level. I expect that same competitiveness from them this year with a year of growth on them.”
 Pat Abney - “We were pushing it too much and we were playing at their pace (in the second quarter). The first quarter, we took what they gave us, but we pushed things too much in the second quarter and things got out of hand.”
 Derek Abney - “I just hope that teams realize my foot injury really hampered me, ... Playing in the SEC, you've got to be fast -- and I'm faster than 4.5.”
 Derek Abney - “I just hope that teams realize my foot injury really hampered me. Playing in the SEC, you've got to be fast -- and I'm faster than 4.5.”
 Jessica Abney - “They really want to say, 'hey, you signed up, you're going to fulfill it or you're going to jail'.”
 Jessica Abney - “They were crossing British Columbia-Idaho border, and they handed in their passports and they were told they would have to come inside. I don't think he'd been worrying about it, because he'd been in the states hundreds of times since he deserted. I don't think he lived his life that way.”
 Allen Abney - “We have received the resignation letter from Duran, effective on August 31, and today the president designated Carlos Marin to be acting United States commissioner.”
 Walt Dabney - “The reality is parks are in serious trouble. Unless you own your own ranch, the parks are what most Texans have to go to.”
 Allen Abney - “It appears that the level of violence was well below the last election.”
 Pat Abney - “I thought they might not be a good outside shooting team. But they proved that theory wrong. It's pick your poison with them.”
 Allen Abney - “I was scared. I mean, 38 years ago things were a lot different in the corps, so I didn't really know what to expect. But on my way home on the last leg of my flight, I thanked God I was on my way home.”
 Allen Abney - “He has many years of experience in this field.”
 Tim Abney - “We were very rusty. (Harding) played Missouri-Rolla yesterday, so while they had to play back-to-back games, they still had a little advantage. We were just so rusty and trying to get the kinks out.”
 Allen Abney - “The president is less interested in yesterday and more interested in today and tomorrow and making sure we can be prepared for the next time.”
 Allen Abney - “He wanted to let them know he was thinking of them and their families throughout this holiday, and the American people are behind them.”
 Tim Abney - “With a young squad, you have to constantly keep small goals in front of them. We want to make it past (Association of Christian Schools International) regional and another goal is to win the ECIC (East Central Illinois Conference).”
 Jessica Abney - “I know he knows I love him, I just wish I'd gotten to tell him that before he left.”
 Allen Abney - “The Caterpillar plant invited us to come. As you can imagine, the president gets invited to a lot of places.”
 Derek Abney - “My parents are trying to not show their emotions, but I know they're getting really excited.”
 Allen Abney - “He thanked them for their service to our country. And wanted to let them know ... that the American people are behind them and support them.”
 Tim Abney - “Everything looked good except for the shooting, and that was the difference. If we can get a little more offense on a consistent basis, we'll be in good shape.”
 Allen Abney - “Today's vote deals a severe blow to the ambitions of the terrorists and sends a clear message to the world that the people of Iraq will decide the future of their country through peaceful elections, not violent insurgency.”
 Allen Abney - “The president wished them a Merry Christmas and thanked them for their service to our country. He just wanted to tell them that he was thinking of them and their families at this holiday season and that the American people were behind them and supported their efforts overseas.”

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