My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrew Abood - “The prosecutor's theory on this case has taken more evolutions than Darwin, said one of Lisa Holland's two attorneys, Andrew Abood.”
 Joseph Abood - “It's the same mental illness, and it's based on paranoid ideations. He believes people are out to kill him.”
 Andrew Abood - “We have a right to a defense. A defense is Tim did it, or someone else did it”
 Andrew Abood - “I think there's room in the decision for an appeal.”
 Joseph Abood - “If he regains competence, then the state can proceed with their case.”
 Joseph Abood - “He is now incompetent. His condition has worsened to the point where we cannot proceed without him regaining his competence.”
 Joseph Abood - “Two psychiatrists have evaluated him at our request, and they both conclude that he does not meet the standard of competence and should go to Lakes Crossing.”
 Andrew Abood - “We know one thing - that Tim Holland led police to the body. I think a lot of information can be drawn from that fact.”