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 Sasha Abraham - “I felt reasonably good out there. I was a little disappointed by the end of the second set, I wish I had closed it out earlier.”
 Spencer Abraham - “pushing to import more than 200,000 foreign workers a year to take good American jobs.”
 John Abraham - “I've been called an alcoholic, I've been called a drunk. I've been called a coward for not playing because I was hurt ... Anything possible pretty much that y'all can say bad about me has been said.”
 Spencer Abraham - “I have authorized these negotiations in response to the physical disruption of offshore oil production and imports in the Gulf Region caused by Hurricane Ivan's destruction,”
 Sasha Abraham - “Indiana happened, and we learned what we needed to learn from there. If we all dwell on that, it is going to be hard to move forward. As long as we've learned our lesson, and have been working hard, I think we are ready.”
 Jeff Abraham - “I'm really into those shows. But the more I learn in class, the more I'm interested in the real thing.”
 Spencer Abraham - “I always wondered what hearing one's own obituary might sound like, and I sort of feel like I may have just heard part of it at least.”
 Spencer Abraham - “Thousands across America are glued to their web cast to hear this. And actually, I've never met one human being who said that they had seen one of those.”
 John Abraham - “I've seen so many people come and go since I've been here, I never thought I'd be in the situation thinking I'd be the one leaving. It's not something I'm going to go crazy over. Even you all know when it gets to a certain part of the season a lot of the guys aren't going to be here next year, we think that way, too.”
 John Abraham - “I think I'm right where I need to be. I'm definitely further along than I thought I would be.”
 John Abraham - “I thought, 'Overrated, that's a cute little name, let me put it on my hat.' It's a funny thing to me, it's not bad.”
 John Abraham - “We think it's time for me to come in and start. I don't think it's going to hinder the team for me to start.”
 John Abraham - “We know his time of need, the situation he's in with the team, he's not the highest paid guy on the team so financially it's a really important thing right now. We'll try to work together and try to give him something to help his family out.”
 Jeff Abraham - “Now it's time to expand beyond the operational people.”
 John Abraham - “You don't want any team to feel they have that advantage. Once you start winning consecutive times like that, teams start feeling you can beat them every time.”
 John Abraham - “Everybody thinks that's good for us, but it's really not a good thing for us, ... If I shoot you three times, what are you going to do Next time, you're going to put on a bulletproof vest, right They're going to do something to protect the quarterback. They're not going to sit there and take it all game.”
 John Abraham - “That one hurts the most, when former players talk about you, like the Mike Golics and the people who have played the game and understand that injuries happen, because everyone gets injured, and they still try to say I'm a bad player because of the injuries, and that's uncontrollable, ... I could go out right now and get in a car accident and never play football again and you're going to say I was a terrible player because of that”
 John Abraham - “It seems like it. I feel I get doubled a lot. I guess the first few games I got off kind of fast. People watch film, they know who to block and who to look out for. I definitely think they've been doing a lot of things to slow me down.”
 Spencer Abraham - “meeting our responsibilities as good stewards for the land, the air and the water.”
 Spencer Abraham - “If we face an exceptionally cold winter, it could put a strain on our capabilities and we might face new price hikes,”
 Isaac Abraham - “There are many, many prayer services around the world, with people praying for his speedy recovery.”
 Spencer Abraham - “World energy supplies are more than adequate to compensate for any disruption, ... The response by OPEC and major producers like Saudi Arabia, and if needed, our large strategic stockpiles, will ensure that our economy will have the ample supply of energy it needs.”
 Spencer Abraham - “The Cold War was over. The global standoff between superpowers was at an end. The world saw America and the West triumphant, freedom preserved, and the promises of Marx and Lenin and Stalin discredited.”
 David Abraham - “(The impression is) that Dade County is like Alice in Wonderland where up is down, down is up. As soon as you drift out of Dade County you find that the Alice in Wonderland world ends at the Dade-Broward line.”
 David Abraham - “(The impression is) that Dade County is like Alice in Wonderland where up is down, down is up, ... As soon as you drift out of Dade County you find that the Alice in Wonderland world ends at the Dade-Broward line.”

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