My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerry Abramson - “I stand by the conclusion of the task force, and I believe it's time to move forward.”
 Jill Abramson - “Abramson called The Times' coverage of the case constrained. ... unconscionable then to out her source in the pages of the paper.”
 Jerry Abramson - “I know he will continue to help us turn the vision of a Louisville arena into a reality,”
 John Abramson - “In Overdosed America, Dr. Abramson cites CDC data indicating that over the course of the past 100 years, life expectancy has increased by a remarkable 30 years. Yet according to the CDC report quoted by Abramson, 25 years of this gain are attributable to advances in public health. ... These include improvements such as sanitation, clean food and water, decent housing, good nutrition, higher standards of living, and widespread vaccinations.”
 Jill Abramson - “without explanation ... you said you believed her and raised questions about my trust and credibility.' That is your right. But I gave my recollection to the grand jury under oath.”
 John Abramson - “I think all the drug companies are behaving the same way and I think it's because they have to, ... Overdosed America The Broken Promise of American Medicine.”
 Jerry Abramson - “It's a very special area, ... wants to make sure the infrastructure supports it.”
 Jill Abramson - “We talked about this a lot during my half-hour visit with her. She is receiving a torrent of supporting mail, and the letters help sustain her as well. Times colleagues are begging to go, and there is a long waiting list.”
 Jerry Abramson - “This event positions our city and state as a place that nurtures its creative culture, opens itself to new knowledge and connects to cutting-edge thinkers,”
 Jerry Abramson - “when darkness fell on our country.”
 Jill Abramson - “When we first started, we would message all the time, ... He would log on, and mostly we would just message back and forth at the beginning of the relationship. Now, we use the computer, phones, letters, airlines - everything.”
 Jerry Abramson - “fun way to remind folks in our community about the importance of recycling.”
 John Abramson - “Cholesterol in and of itself isn't harmful it's an integral part of the normal function of our body,”
 John Abramson - “For instance, there is a direct link between infant mortality and premature birth. Clearly the more premature an infant is when he is born, the greater likelihood of complications. In fact, according to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services National Center for Health Statistics, complications stemming from short gestation and low birth weight are the second leading causes of infant mortality in the United States. Ironically, the advanced medical technologies used in the United States tend to increase our infant mortality rate, not decrease it. In the United States, advanced technologies and procedures have made it more practical in recent years for medical professionals to attempt to save severely premature infants. Such attempts do not always succeed, adding to the rate of infant mortality. Resuscitation is more likely to be attempted on extremely premature babies born in the United States than in many other countries, ... The extremely premature babies on whom resuscitation is unsuccessful are then counted as infant deaths, whereas they are counted as fetal deaths when resuscitation has not been attempted.”
 Jerry Abramson - “At a price for the arena at 350 million, this community -- without raising taxes, through the economic benefit that will occur from the building of this facility, fund a third of that cost, ... You have expanded opportunities for restaurants, entertainment facilities, housing as well as parking.”
 John Abramson - “I think the negative perception is the cost of doing business the way they're doing business, ... They're marketing hype. They're selling the belief that their drug is superior, but they're not marketing superior drugs. If they want to improve the public's perception of their work, then they better improve their work.”
 John Abramson - “It is the industry standard to put forth tainted information to sell the most drugs, ... Whether that is a sustainable situation that investors can benefit from, I can't answer that.”
 Jerry Abramson - “A task force of community, business, university and government leaders spent four months studying and debating this issue to give our best combined advice to the governor and the General Assembly. The LGE site was the choice of 16 of the 17 members. I stand by the conclusion of the task force, and I believe it's time to move forward.”