My Favorite Quotes
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 Colleen Abrie - “This girl has an air of mystery. Her simple, straight hairstyle accentuates the angularity of her face and adds to her bad-girl image it wards off the wolves. Even though she's sensitive, you better think before entering her space. She likes it that way. She is not high-maintenance, but don't piss her off.”
 Colleen Abrie - “This is the girl next door. Her hair color is high-maintenance, but she's totally comfortable pulling it back, putting on a ball cap or beret as the all-American girl-on-the-go. She's totally sweet, fun loving ... she probably bakes cookies. Guaranteed, her cell phone rings off the hook.”
 Colleen Abrie - “This girl is a rebel with a cause to challenge the mundane. She's Brigitte Bardot meets Pink. Her hair is high-maintenance, but when it's time to put it all together, it's a devil-may-care attitude to create the finished look. She's not satisfied with one style and likes to keep her court guessing.”
 Colleen Abrie - “She is Venus personified. Her hair is naturally beautiful without artificial enhancement, and her sophisticated air tells us she has the queen gene. Gentlemen, start your engines she's high-maintenance. She puts in the time to be gorgeous every day and is accustomed to lots of adoration.”