My Favorite Quotes
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 Lisa Abron - “The first half we did a good job. The third quarter, they got fatigued. This was our second game of the day.”
 Lisa Abron - “They didn't have a strong inside game, but their outside game was good. They knew how to get open shots.”
 Lisa Abron - “Unlucky 13. I don't know how they're going to determine it. I hate to be in this type of position. I've always been able to determine how it's going to be. Now we have to sit here. It's making me uneasy. I don't like to be in this position.”
 Lisa Abron - “Now we've got to pray and hope somebody gives us a wildcard.”
 Lisa Abron - “She was gone the entire break, and she came back in time for the Sicily Island tournament. She's kind of sluggish right now, but she has fit in real good with the program. We're very happy to have her.”
 Lisa Abron - “It's going to be kind of tight. I scouted (Madison), and they're still athletic like they normally are. But they don't have a strong inside game, and that could be a plus for us. Hopefully we're going to rely on that and hopefully some good defense.”
 Lisa Abron - “We were excited to win. I give credit to my girls. They worked hard. Now we try to get ready for district.”
 Lisa Abron - “They've been playing some tough teams. She's strong, and I think she's a senior. From what I hear, she's getting looks from some colleges.”