My Favorite Quotes
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 Svetlana Abrosimova - “We talk about how in the first five minutes of the second half we had to take it strong. Today I felt like we played smart.”
 Svetlana Abrosimova - “We need the confidence to go on the road, and we haven't been winning on the road. For us, it's a good feeling now. We still have a chance.”
 Svetlana Abrosimova - “The toughest part is closing out games without her, ... She was our go-to player and great at closing out games. We played together for five years. She was the heart and soul of this team. It's a business, and we just have to do our jobs. We have to start a new era.”
 Svetlana Abrosimova - “We were kidding her with how she's so white and has to wear those black shoes with the Shock. We had a lot of fun with her.”