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 Jody Huckaby - “This shouldn't be about politics or fringe ideology. It should be about the responsibility of the government to provide complete, accurate and accessible health information that serves all Americans effectively, including our GLBT loved ones.”
 Jody Huckaby - “Government agencies are supposed to provide services and accurate information to all people, not just a select few, and not just the ones they deem acceptable.”
 Michel Alaby - “We have exceeded forecasts. Such large growth was not expected.”
 Michel Alaby - “The idea is to discuss our activities and talk about proposals to further expand our operations.”
 Michel Alaby - “The three island projects are already sold out.”
 Reed Suddaby - “To my knowledge, we've never turned down a flight to anyone who qualified.”
 Matthew Barnaby - “To me, it's the same whether we're at home or on the road, ... It's just one day at a time. We can't approach it any other way.”
 Trey Aby - “The Reds are a good team. They were one of the teams that beat us last year. It's still early, but we're playing solid defense and we're hitting the ball at the right times.”
 Matthew Barnaby - “It's different times now, but they were upbeat and they positioned themselves very well for when CBA was signed. We knew they would be active. We expected them to do big things, and they expressed that to us. That was a big reason we signed here.”
 Becky Huckaby - “Even if an airline announced tomorrow it would take anywhere from 60 to 120 days to get in our market. They have to schedule so far out.”
 Matthew Barnaby - “We knew they'd been struggling. They hadn't won. They'd made a big trade, and they probably got their butts kicked after the last couple games. But we didn't match them, and we've got to find out why.”
 Ken Huckaby - “He's just one of those pitchers who you have to earn his respect and trust before he is going to up to you. When I caught him in Arizona I hadn't really broken into the big leagues. I was scared and nervous, but now it's a little bit different. Plus after catching Wake it's like catching warm butter with a sharp knife. I don't know how I ever missed a ball before.”
 Michel Alaby - “It is a first world construction.”
 Matthew Barnaby - “If you worry about it, you're going to drive yourself nuts. It can definitely hurt your play if you're mentioned in trade rumors, if you're a worrywart or if you're not a confident person. I try to tell everyone that you can't worry about it. A trade will come when you least expect it.”
 Matthew Barnaby - “It wasn't any one thing. When you're with somebody 20 hours in a 24-hour day, things build up. I probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and he was trying to settle me down.”
 Matthew Barnaby - “With all the things that have happened over the years, we can't like each other. It's physically impossible.”
 Matthew Barnaby - “I'll bet for a good five years there's been rumors at every deadline that I'm going to Ottawa.”
 Michel Alaby - “There are already 30,000 hotel rooms and around 70,000 people are already living at the place.”
 Matt Smaby - “I think there's going to be a couple of other guys who are going to have the opportunity to move on if they want to.”
 Michel Alaby - “He said he greatly appreciated having had the opportunity of visiting the Chamber.”
 Jody Huckaby - “This event is a time for elected officials - many of whom are facing a vote on June 5 on the discriminatory Federal Marriage Amendment - to see the faces of their constituents and see in a very real way that we are about family values, too. One of our core family values is simple, basic equality for all of our family members, and we want our legislators to understand what it means. That's what this day is about.”
 Matthew Barnaby - “It's an anxious time. Getting traded can be a life-altering experience. With a team in our situation, you know they want to make improvements for next year, and you know there's players that other teams might want.”
 Matthew Barnaby - “It's a good start for us tonight. We want to win hockey games. We're not going to make any excuses about the way we played. We're just going to try to play better.”
 Michel Alaby - “The idea is to make the chambers speak to the governments to implement these proposals.”
 Michel Alaby - “They are extracting 500,000 barrels per day, but plan on reaching 2 million barrels in 2008.”

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