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 Kristin Accipiter - “The high-tech arena is one of the areas where we are seeing the most growth in sabbatical programs. The concept has been around for a long time, but it's just crept its way into mainstream employment benefits in the last few decades.”
 Kristin Accipiter - “I think the number one factor impacting these programs is the tight labor market, which is making it really hard for employers to let their workers go for eight to 12 weeks at time.”
 Kristin Accipiter - “There has to be a certain amount of common sense. As we know, common sense isn't that common.”
 Kristin Accipiter - “Sometimes, HR departments have had trouble with employees abusing sabbaticals or asking to cash out of the benefit and just keep working.”
 Kristin Accipiter - “I think other benefits are being utilized today more often than sabbaticals as retention tools. Instead of giving us six weeks off a year, employees are demanding more day to day flexibility, like the ability to telecommute, flex-time and child care or elder-care benefits. Those are the other areas where we are seeing real growth, while sabbaticals are sort of going up and down.”