My Favorite Quotes
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 Angel Acebes - “After a series of police crackdowns, ETA wants to reorganize and reinforce its infrastructure and it can only do so with new members,”
 Angel Acebes - “If ETA thought it would be easy to reorganize, they're wrong, ... We're not going to allow it.”
 Angel Acebes - “Everything suggests that it was the terrorist group ETA,”
 Angel Acebes - “Nobody has any doubt that ETA wanted to attack before the general elections,”
 Angel Acebes - “It's true that a new threat against a member of the PP has appeared. We will reinforce all security measures.”
 Angel Acebes - “This will be to coordinate inquiries and efforts, exchange information and plan for the future.”
 Angel Acebes - “We have called a meeting for the coming days of the most important anti-terrorist services from the European Union who will meet here in Madrid,”
 Angel Acebes - “These arrests make absolutely clear the presence throughout Europe and in Spain of members or collaborators of radical Islamic terrorist organizations, and that is a cause for continuing concern,”
 Angel Acebes - “This is a very important protest, with thousands and thousands of citizens defending their freedom ... they are not going to give in to the persecution to which they are subjected,”
 Angel Acebes - “Early this afternoon, the National Police have detained five people,”
 Angel Acebes - “main line of investigation.”
 Angel Acebes - “Spanish citizens must be consulted before Congress takes irreversible steps.”
 Angel Acebes - “The investigation is advancing on both tracks,”