My Favorite Quotes
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 Luis Camacho - “It was a good year for us. We accomplished what we wanted to accomplish. I wish we could have won this game but they were a much better team.”
 Luis Camacho - “The idea was to keep the composure and not let those things get us down.”
 Moises Camacho - “City Hall thought there wasn't (a lot of) development in that district, while there were many residents there.”
 Shari Acho - “Because they're so limited in time because of what we're asking them as athletes to do for us, they needed to have access to things.”
 Luis Camacho - “We knew it was going to be a close game. It was the championship, and we knew it wasn't going to be easy. I'm very proud of the kids. They stepped it up today.”
 Cody Camacho - “This is not about right or left. It's about right or wrong.”
 Shari Acho - “I keep telling people how amazing this place is.”
 Cody Camacho - “This is not a noble cause. This is a nobility cause.”
 Moises Camacho - “(With the park), we are able to give back to people the taxes they pay the city, something they can concretely see. Urban life is very fast. At the park, you have an area where you can appreciate nature.”
 Moises Camacho - “What the park gives us is a place to relax, a place to relieve stress and, at the same time, to appreciate nature. In the urban center, all you see is concrete.”
 Tim Camacho - “It's over with I can sleep now. I woke up about three times this week at about 3 o'clock in the morning and didn't know what to do with myself, just thinking, thinking, thinking.”
 Luis Camacho - “It's going to be tough. This year was our year to make things happen, and we did.”
 Luis Camacho - “We were ready to play either way. We knew we had to play, it was the mistakes that cost us.”
 Luis Camacho - “We had a tough time in the first half. The second half went a little more our way though we finally took control.”
 Moises Camacho - “At night, it's hard to control people. Drunks might come in, and we can't do anything. We (close the gates) to avoid violence, prevent vagrants from sleeping inside, and (for proper park maintenance).”
 Cody Camacho - “It took one brave mother sitting in a ditch to have the whole country chase this around.”
 Shari Acho - “We're not competitive in academic support. Everyone was really honest about what was working for them, what wasn't working for them. We took all of their advice and really, I think, created a perfect study building.”