My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Rachor - “With so many days of gains, there's the possibility for a correction.”
 Isotonu Achor - “Major streets are littered with bodies of people killed today, most of them northerners.”
 Isotonu Achor - “I've counted more than 20 people killed today.”
 Isotonu Achor - “Schools have quickly closed and thousands of people carrying machetes, some with guns, are rushing toward the military barracks. It could be bloody.”
 Michael Rachor - “Earnings have been good and there's still room for European stocks to move higher. There are no major areas of disappointment.”
 Michael Rachor - “The company is now, more than ever, a breakup story.”
 Isotonu Achor - “There are reports that some of the northerners attacked a primary school near the barracks this morning and killed some children.”
 Michael Rachor - “The price will be decisive, along with how well they can prove that they're capable of making a profit. I'm not particularly positive about Air Berlin.”
 Isotonu Achor - “There is blood all over him and I'm scared they'll come for him here. If he doesn't get urgent treatment he will die.”