My Favorite Quotes
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 Lakshman Achuthan - “The basic message is unambiguous -- you've got inflation.”
 Lakshman Achuthan - “There's been a very real structural shift, primarily in manufacturing employment, as a result of outsourcing and earlier capital investment that has increased productivity. They're making employment act differently in this upturn.”
 Lakshman Achuthan - “One of the things recessions do is uncover weak links. When you're in a strong economy, a bull market, you can paper over a lot of things. When you get under some strain, these things show up.”
 Lakshman Achuthan - “How much better is the Corvette today than 30 years ago What is that improvement worth It's not worth zero.”
 Lakshman Achuthan - “The current inflation story is a little different story than the type of inflation story you had thirty years ago.”
 Lakshman Achuthan - “To put this in perspective, a couple of years into recovery, we should be seeing 250,000 to 300,000 new jobs per month. We're not there yet.”
 Lakshman Achuthan - “Rising home values are making people feel they don't need to save.”
 Lakshman Achuthan - “The Fed's painfully aware of this, and that's one of the better reasons they try to telegraph what they're doing, so people don't get caught. The institutions that have taken decisions that might put them into harm's way are probably fewer.”
 Lakshman Achuthan - “The continued weakness in a number of components of the index suggests that it's more than just high oil prices that are ailing the economy.”
 Lakshman Achuthan - “As the recovery takes hold, the vulnerability we have surrounding these issues will diminish and they won't be able to impact the overall economy. And then investors will focus on the good news.”