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 Sean McCormack - “We expect all political parties to work through any future phases of this process, including the formation of a new government, in a peaceful, transparent and democratic manner.”
 Brad Ack - “The governor has put her finger directly on the most critical needs in Puget Sound with this initiative. The additional funds she is proposing will accelerate some of the highest priority actions on the ground, while the new public-private partnership will build the broader coalition needed to safeguard the future of this great natural area.”
 Lars Lagerback - “Of course I am very satisfied - to win seven games and lose one is rather good isn't it.”
 John Toshack - “It has been hard for some of them, stepping up from the lower divisions where they are playing a lot more games, is tough.”
 Jamie Broback - “Even more importantly, the way we're playing as a team and winning these Big Ten games. Penn State was a huge game for us. Now we're going on the road. Looking back to Penn State, that was just a huge team win.”
 Lee Womack - “I remember hearing that song when I was a little girl, and I was so moved by the images it stirred up. I have been a huge fan of hers forever.”
 Sean McCormack - “We'd seek a little clarity from the government of Qatar as to exactly what their intentions are, to whom they actually intend to give this money and under what circumstances.”
 Travis Strack - “Organizations or individuals interested in raising money for the Red Cross should contact the local chapter. The chapter will give them guidance and whatever available assistance is possible whether its signage, officials banners or volunteers if available.”
 John Toshack - “If you look at the goals he scored, including the best move of the match, it's a perfect example for any youngster to follow,”
 Sandra Cusack - “It seems to us that people are really healthiest, and happiest, when setting goals and achieving them, and it's a process that has to be ongoing in life.”
 Mark Mack - “It's amazing, working with these guys, ... They're just so professional and they play so well. It's like I fell in a pot of gold. They're incredible.”
 Chris Haack - “I think anything under par out here on this golf course is a good score,”
 Chris Haack - “Take golf out of the equation, and ask yourself, 'Will I still be happy there'”
 Sean McCormack - “We believe Iran and Iraq should have the kinds of good relations that most neighbors enjoy, that those relations be governed by mutual respect and transparency, ... So we would expect nothing less from Iran with respect to Iraq. I think that you have heard the same from the Iraqis as well.”
 Todd Mack - “textbook definition of the term 'good friend.' He would do anything for you.”
 Lars Lagerback - “I think we had a very good game, playing on this level equal with the Dutch team. It was a really good match and it could have gone either way.”
 Andrew Jack - “It was a good process, though the demographics seemed a little skewed.”
 George Husack - “Everyone was really anxious to get the season started. To get those two matches under our belts was really good.”
 Rebecca Pack - “It was a very good game. They hit the ball very well (with) runners on base.”
 Tom Vilsack - “The Department of Economic Development has done a good job in explaining that we can't be everything to everybody, ... We must identify what our core competencies are.”
 Tom Vilsack - “It's a good day for Democrats. But it's over,”
 Elliott Pollack - “There is still a great deal of untouched equity in homes. Employment, as well as real income, are expected to continue to increase. While 2005 may ultimately be the peak in the cycle, it appears 2006 is likely to be a good year as well.”
 Sean McCormack - “I think there are certain contradictions in the idea of Sudan holding the chair of the AU while there is an AU mission in Sudan designed to help protect Sudanese citizens in part from the government of Sudan.”
 Sean McCormack - “The Treasury Department's very careful in going through, accumulating and analyzing this evidence in coordination with other parts of the U.S. government.”
 Sean McCormack - “The intent of this trip is not to have a contact in the context of this academic conference with a representative of the North Korean government.”

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