My Favorite Quotes
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 Alan Ackerman - “I think gains in the market have outrun fundamentals. The move has been too much too soon. I see the likelihood of a pullback next week.”
 Alan Ackerman - “The market has done well in the last few weeks, ... Generally speaking, the market is a bit overbought. We just have to be patient and let the market give back some of its gains.”
 Gary Ackerman - “This is a win for the consumer, for our industry, and the government because it narrows the channels to report and correct problems.”
 Val Ackerman - “We realize the gravity of the situation, ... Everybody concerned wants to see the U.S. back on top and nothing less will do.”
 Duane Ackerman - “The investments we're making, and the way we're executing our growth strategies, continue to pay off. In 1998 we invested a record 7 billion in our businesses, and we continue to generate powerful revenue growth from sources such as data, wireless, Internet, enhanced calling features, and digital television.”
 Alan Ackerman - “They pay a dividend that's very, very attractive and they've had growth that's outperformed the SP 500.”
 Alan Ackerman - “I think it's a constructive move. He's an experienced hand who is clearly effective in dealing with bright, energized thinkers. I don't expect the Senate to have many problems with this nomination.”
 Alan Ackerman - “Inflation appears to be muted,”
 Dan Wackerman - “The establishment, in the person of Baird, resents Simon's success. He's been able to crash the gate, as it were. Jews were finally starting to achieve some degree of success and were breaking through the institutions with great resistance. That's why you couldn't and shouldn't update this play. It's very particular.”
 Gary Ackerman - “People are tired of all the litigation. They're tired of the high insurance costs. The legislation will require all developers to use better practices that the good developers are using now and should result in an overall better product.”
 Alan Ackerman - “The promise of a cut in interest rates before the year's end is a safety net under the market.”
 Alan Ackerman - “However as we come closer to the next Fed meeting, and hopes are that the Fed will cut interest rates, we might have a relief rally.”
 Alan Ackerman - “It's all about the Fed. It's all about interest rate jitters. It's all about a lot of money moving to the sidelines. And more importantly, we're starting to see investor paralysis. Volume is light. Not too many people want to put money to work until the Fed meets on the 28th,”
 Alan Ackerman - “The U.S. economic recovery appears to be further down the road than many expected, so another cut in interest rates is not likely to mean a great deal, ... What's more important is when companies report they're starting to see a reduction in inventories.”
 Alan Ackerman - “The big question making the rounds now is How does one really judge value and are strong first-quarter earnings (expectations) already factored into technology stocks”
 Alan Ackerman - “We're almost worn out with earnings. So many have surfaced of late.”
 Alan Ackerman - “We're still three-to-four weeks away from second-quarter earnings reports and there's nothing really to light a candle under stocks,”
 Gary Ackerman - “Sometimes people who are Jewish are held to a higher standard which sometimes we take great pride in.”
 Gary Ackerman - “India is a regional power. It does not need anything to establish it.”
 Gary Ackerman - “I am always fascinated by India.”
 Gary Ackerman - “I'm in favor of immigration but we also need rules.”
 Diane Ackerman - “Touch seems to be as essential as sunlight.”
 Diane Ackerman - “I don't want to be a passenger in my own life.”
 Mike Ackerman - “I thought the team started out strong for their first game. I hope it will keep going from here.”
 Alan Ackerman - “I think for the moment the big chains are running like elephants. They tend to be behind the cheetahs and the panthers. I think they lumber along, and I think this is not necessarily the time to move. I think the turnaround isn't going to be as routine or orderly as you might expect. I'd want to stay with the strength right now.”

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