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 Jeff Ackermann - “You look at them (Laurel Highlands) and I think this may be the furthest they've gone. I look up and down my bench and see a lot of guys who have had gold medals around their necks. That's a big advantage in a game like this.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “We were reading the paper and it was naming the schools that have done it. I told the guys, 'When you can count them on one hand, you know you're truly approaching greatness.”
 Josef Ackermann - “Our objective now is to sustain, over the cycle, this level of pretax return on equity and double-digit earnings per share growth.”
 Rich Ackermann - “We use it for monitoring individual applications, enabling us to improve problem resolution for users who are reporting problems and efficiently identify the root cause.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “We knew they were big, but we wanted to press them the entire game. Even if we got beat a few times, we were going to press. We missed a few shots early, but then they started to fall for us.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “I would like to believe that we can and will compete in Quad-A. But, certainly, it will be a challenge. You look at us, with 488 boys, and then you look at a program like North Allegheny for example and there is a real difference. But the biggest difference will be in the PIAA playoffs, where we could see a team with over three times as many boys as us.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “Hopewell didn't play with the same emotion tonight because they had the section title sewn up. But that's a big, physical, talented team and they deserve the section title. They're the best team in our section.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “The game with our biggest margin of victory was the championship game. Once we got back, they played without pressure.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “(Brian's) the best sophomore I've ever coached. He's got tremendous skills. He has true mark of a Division I player. He can do things that you can't coach. He jumps out of the gym, he can shoot and handle, plus he's long and athletic. I'm glad I have him for two more years.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “I told the kids before the game that when you can count on one hand the number of teams that have done something, then you know you are truly approaching greatness.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “It's exactly what we expected. It's extremely tough. It's not so much a one-game thing but the night-in, night-out that scares me. Before, you could have an off night and still pull out a win. Now, with an off night, you're done.”
 Rich Ackermann - “We had no way of identifying where the problem occurred. We didn't have very good information, and user experience and application performance were somewhat of a mystery to us.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “(Hampton is) very good and athletic. They're a lot like us. They have quick guards and are really a mirror image of us. They can score right with us point for point. It should be a great game.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “We had to look ourselves in the mirror after that one. And we had to regroup after that loss.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “I told our guys that they have a chance to make their own history and not live off our old history. This is their chance to be a part of it themselves.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “This game was our season in a nutshell. Ups and downs, ups and downs. It's another down for us, but my guys played hard. The effort was there. If you set your goals high, you have to be ready for disappointment.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “I expected them to drive to the hoop. I think it might have been one of those instances where they were young kids and they have not been here before and they tensed up a little and took those 3-pointers. But, you look at that team and they are so well coached. My guys didn't mind being on defense at the end and I think they were confident and comfortable because they had been in that situation before. The experience of being in the championship game before definitely paid off for us.”
 Josef Ackermann - “The strong flows of international capital into emerging markets reflect a number of important trends. In addition to continuing significant global economic growth, national authorities in numerous emerging market economies have improved economic policy management in recent years, which has led to greater growth, lower inflation and reductions in the ratio of public debt to GDP.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “We went into the game with the plan to pressure their guards as much as anyone we played all year. We did that, and then on offense, our size took over. We got an eight-point lead and got into our half-court stuff and ran our offense through our big guys.”
 Josef Ackermann - “Today's uncertainties call for vigilance by the authorities in both mature and emerging market economies in pursuing sound economic policies. Investors need to recognize the costly consequences of sudden reversals in global conditions that could impact the markets.”
 Jeff Ackermann - “I know that my kids can play, and they play with confidence. I know this is a very special thing, and it's rare for teams to get this opportunity, so we are going to make the most of it.”
 Josef Ackermann - “It appears that the European Union and other Basel Committee member countries are on course to launch the new approach in 2008, while the United States will implement at least one year later.”
 Josef Ackermann - “We achieved a truly outstanding result in 2005 with record performances in both the corporate and investment banking and in the private clients and asset management business.”
 Josef Ackermann - “We reached our financial target thanks to continued revenue growth in key businesses, strict control of costs, risks, and capital, and a rigorous focus on core business lines. We have invested in growth businesses and regions during 2005 and will continue to do so.”
 Josef Ackermann - “We are confident that, if business and market conditions remain stable, we will deliver on our published financial target, and turn our strong performance into clear benefits for our shareholders,”

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