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 Mark Jackley - “We have a lot of games to go. When we are struggling we need someone to be a leader and do something positive.”
 Steve Backley - “Goldie is a tough and sensible girl and she'll bounce back from this,”
 Steve Backley - “I have enjoyed a fabulous career and hope to end it on a real high by winning another medal in Athens,”
 Martin Ackley - “The integrity of the list depends on the information districts input.”
 Martin Ackley - “We are delivering the information to each local school district and their local school boards, who are representatives of the general public.”
 Mark Jackley - “Other than that second inning our pitching was pretty solid. I thought defensively we played a real solid game, making only one error. When it's this cold defense is a little tougher than your usual day.”
 Mark Jackley - “The power numbers really don't mean much to me. I thought we hit too many fly-ball outs today. I would rather see ground-ball outs. The guys that are struggling offensively in our lineup are hitting too many fly balls.”
 Fran Ackley - “It's a question of how you divide the forage pie. It always has been and always will be. There are some who want wild horses to get more and some who don't want them to get any.”
 Jim Ackley - “My life would be much, much easier if I could have an hour or hour-and-a-half-long rehearsals every day after school. But it doesn't work for the kids.”
 Mark Jackley - “I worked with her for 15 years. In my opinion she is the best volleyball official in this part of the state. I know I can attribute my progress as a volleyball official because of working with officials like Kelly.”
 Travis Blackley - “There were more nerves than the first time I pitched in Safeco Field. I wasn't sure how the arm would be. I'd heard so many stories about people coming back and their arms blowing out their first time out.”
 Dan Shackley - “It's not so different from the person who plays golf three or four times a week. He probably spends as much money as we do over the course of a year. I really don't think we're any different from anybody else we just have different interests.”
 Mark Jackley - “One of the big reasons why I was there was due to Kelly's recommendation. She is a great role model as an official. When I work with her I know coaches and players appreciate her knowledge of the game.”
 Martin Ackley - “We are trying to figure out if that means districts. We want to make sure we are releasing to school districts information allowed by state law.”
 Fran Ackley - “I think we're going to be at our magic number in two years. Then we will just have to remove yearly what can be adopted.”
 Steve Backley - “I have so many unforgettable memories, but setting the world record is a special one that I will live with forever.”
 Dan Shackley - “It's hard to explain to you how we feel as cat breeders. The amount of money we've spent caring for our cats and with vet bills, we lose money every year, even with the cats that we sell. But it's a passion for people.”
 Jim Ackley - “They don't (just) show up for four practices a week and a game on Friday and that's it. They are working all the time. Drama teachers have to be the same thing.”
 Jim Ackley - “They don't (just) show up for four practices a week and a game on Friday and that's it. They are working all the time. Drama teachers have to be the same thing.”
 Fran Ackley - “It's on the horizon. We can do the job as long as the funding stays consistent.”
 Martin Ackley - “It is a concern to us as we are heading into the direction of increasing graduation standards. We want to make sure students have the foundation for that.”
 Dan Shackley - “It's a campaigner show. So those campaigning cats for national wins will come because they know the competition will be tough.”
 Mark Jackley - “There is a clear intent in our mind that they intended to do a home invasion. And during processing they indicated that they intended to do a home invasion.”
 Dan Shackley - “You have to be dedicated because it takes a lot of time, travel, money. It turns your house into a different kind of living atmosphere. And to take care of them properly requires a lot of cleaning litter boxes. It's a different lifestyle all together.”
 Mark Jackley - “The nice thing about volleyball as a sport is that in basketball and other sports, when a match is over someone always is upset with an official and it seems like volleyball is the other way, and especially the way Kelly presents her self. Even losing teams felt they were always given a fair match.”

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