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 Alex Acosta - “There was a good lesson learned and we ended up winning the game.”
 Jose DaCosta - “It should be a good game. They have some quick players, and they've gotten better as the season's gone along.”
 Dean Acosta - “There were some items and ideas they had that were solid, but a lot of these things we can do in-house.”
 Dean Acosta - “It's an ongoing investigation and inappropriate for a comment at this time.”
 Jose DaCosta - “We've just got to take one game at a time. Focusing on one game, and not others, because we've seen what has happened to a few teams like Orangewood and teams like that, so we have them focus on one game, and then move onto the next.”
 Alex Acosta - “In some cases suicidal girls were stripped naked and isolated for extended time periods in windowless empty 'dark rooms' with only a drain in the cement floor to serve as a toilet.”
 Jose DaCosta - “These guys have one goal in mind and that's to win another state title. They're focused, they do what I ask them to do, and that's what you need as a coach.”
 Carlos Acosta - “The rumor mills is spreading and people are taking their kids out of school and are not going to work. The panic has already started here.”
 Carlos Acosta - “It just goes to show you that anything that looks out of the ordinary is going to strike fear in people now.”
 Dean Acosta - “He did not make an endorsement and will not get involved in any political campaigns. If his words of thanks to Tom DeLay were misconstrued as an endorsement, then he regrets that.”
 Dean Acosta - “That's not the policy or the way we operate public affairs at NASA. We support and make sure we are all about full and open communications.”
 Jose DaCosta - “We had our chances, especially there at the end. I just wish we would have played at full strength, but I don't like to make excuses.”
 Jose DaCosta - “It's always great to get a win against a team like this. They come here and work hard and make us work.”
 Carlos Acosta - “It is going to make for a very long and emotional summer. As far as I'm concerned, when anything unusual strikes fear in you is no way to live in the United States of America. But that is what is going to happen until any sort of comprehensive legislation is passed.”
 Dean Acosta - “Under NASA policy, it is inappropriate to discuss personnel matters.”
 YaYa DaCosta - “Both my parents are educators. My siblings and I always had to get good grades no matter what outside interests we had.”
 YaYa DaCosta - “He moves with so much grace and so much control. He's so strong, but at the same time, he's so soft. It's just so comfortable to dance with him.”
 Dean Acosta - “I want to be clear. We are about open and full communications. We don't get involved when it comes to editing scientific information.”
 Jose DaCosta - “In past years, I think in games against teams they should beat, it took them a while to get going. This year they come out and they take care of business, and that's it.”
 Jose DaCosta - “We're a focused and disciplined team. They come out to take care of business, and I think that's what they did tonight.”
 Alex Acosta - “None of this was true. There were no flights. There were no children being rescued. There were no medical supplies being flown. There was no 7-month-old baby who needed a transplant. In fact, he didn't even have a pilot's license,”
 Angel Acosta - “Plus those guys don't have mascots.”
 Angel Acosta - “The old highway is just too dangerous. Thieves are smart, and we're like sitting ducks there if we're behind a truck and forced to stop.”
 Angel Acosta - “She's like my baby. If I leave her alone for a few hours, she gets angry.”
 Angel Acosta - “She really knows the difference. She is always smelling.”

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