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 Manny Acta - “I would start spring training a week earlier so the players would get five or six exhibition games in before starting.”
 Manny Acta - “He's become the face of a big part of the United States, a big part of the New England fan base and he deserves it. He's a pro on and off the field, a very likeable guy, and he's true. He's legit. He's not faking anything for a long time now, and he deserves everything he's got right now.”
 Manny Acta - “If you're looking for the best players at this time, you can be sure to find them on the Dominican team.”
 Manny Acta - “It was an awesome experience. I would go again tomorrow.”
 Manny Acta - “I think it really helped to understand him that he went to a bigger market team.”
 Manny Acta - “The Expos have always been a perfect fit for him. In Montreal he can walk down a street or take a subway and no one will bother him, and he likes that. But who knows about next year Everyone is too focused on what's going on with the rest of this season to think about what's going to happen after it.”
 Manny Acta - “This is the real kind of Caribbean World Series, especially having Cuba in there.”
 Manny Acta - “This will be a game watched by every Dominican soul, the 8 million we have on the island and all the others spread around the world.”
 Manny Acta - “(The WBC) is going to be every four years, but I don't know if in four years we'll be able to put together a team like we have right now. This is a pretty special group.”
 Manny Acta - “We felt relieved. These guys are professional. They've been playing in the big leagues for years and they're used to ups and downs.”
 Manny Acta - “I think our pitching was great. Actually things kind of flip-flopped a little bit. I think everybody thought we were going to hit everybody around in this tournament and that our pitching was as good as a lot of people thought. Our pitching did a very good job, and we just fell short. It wasn't lack of pitching at all.”
 Manny Acta - “The good thing is that in every game we had a different hero, so different people contributed to those different wins. I hope that Alfonso Soriano and Miguel Tejada wake up for the next round and they contribute more.”
 Manny Acta - “Back at home, everybody always thought that David was going to be big time. When he was in Minnesota, a lot of people thought that he was going to be a productive hitter there. But he's moved on to a bigger market and he's done what he's done, and he deserves everything that he's getting.”
 Manny Acta - “We will using the line up that you saw out there today. It's not time to make big changes. That line up won the last to games for us.”
 Manny Acta - “I don't know Soriano as an outfielder. He is here to play second base.”
 Manny Acta - “We had a window up until yesterday and it's just been shut. We support his decision, stand behind him - family comes first. And we're going to have to move on with what we have.”
 Manny Acta - “We are giving Guerrero time, and we respect his decision. We will stand behind him. If he does not feel good mentally to play, we will go forward.”
 Manny Acta - “We made the decision it's the best thing for us. He's dying because he wanted to participate so bad, but unfortunately he won't be able to do it.”
 Manny Acta - “We really went at it hard like professionals. They deserve the credit. I'd rather give them credit than make excuses.”
 Manny Acta - “Just because he's tied for the league lead, that doesn't mean you can't run on him. So what are you going to do He made a good throw. You gave to give credit to him.”
 Manny Acta - “You've got to give credit to the kid. He made a good play. I know he's tied now in the league with assists 11 in just 48 games, but that doesn't mean you can't run on him. You take a chance and the guy made a good play. What are you going to do We took a chance in the next inning and tied up the game, too.”
 Manny Acta - “I looked at the scoreboard at the end of the game. We weren't going to win, 1-0. They flat-out outplayed us, and you have to give all the credit to Vazquez for holding down this offense.”
 Manny Acta - “Daniel deserves all the credit. We had several scoring opportunities to break the game open. We didn't do it but our pitching staff came through.”
 Manny Acta - “You have to give all the credit to their pitching, which held our offense to only one run. They just flat-out outplayed us.”
 Manny Acta - “I believe this is the biggest recognition I'm going to get for the rest of my life in my country. Coming from a country with so many good players and so many coaches and being chosen to do this, nothing will match this.”

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