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 Manny Acta - “We can feel the confidence he brings.”
 Manny Acta - “I can see why they are dominating international competition.”
 Manny Acta - “We're anxious to face Cuba. We've never played them before in this type of competition.”
 Manny Acta - “I don't think that, with the level of competition of every team, you need to have your 'A' team out there for nine innings every day.”
 Manny Acta - “We have big stars in our country, and it's tough to trim our roster. There are lots of expectations around our club. I think we're going to fulfill them.”
 Manny Acta - “Willie has made it clear that the job is out there for the taking.”
 Manny Acta - “It's a shame, but Pedro won't pitch in the Classic. I met with Pedro to talk about this he did everything he could, and he was ready to join the team later in the competition, but his injury delayed his preparations.”
 Manny Acta - “I had a blast. It was very intense and every game was a must-win game. I would do it again if asked and almost every player I have talked to from different nations would come back again. It was terrific chemistry and I'm thankful I got the opportunity.”
 Manny Acta - “It was full of blood. He only had about 10 more pitches before he was done, so we made the change. We appreciate his effort.”
 Manny Acta - “I believe that part of what the World Classic did was remind people that baseball talent comes from all over the world. There are a lot of people playing this game.”
 Manny Acta - “I think everybody in baseball knew, even before the All-Star break last year, that we were going to play this Baseball Classic, and everybody that had the desire to play prepared themselves to play for this tournament. Yes, they didn't have 100 at-bats or whatever before this, but we got all the way to the seventh game. We played two rounds, the guys saw enough pitches, they had enough at-bats. There are no excuses.”
 Manny Acta - “I think it's going to be a terrific atmosphere. The four teams here are going to have good baseball.”
 Manny Acta - “There are no favorites in baseball. You can do it in basketball or hockey or any other sport, but in baseball there are no favorites. Our country expects a winning team and we are OK with that. We are going to go round-by-round, but we don't want to let our country down.”
 Manny Acta - “If you're going to get hurt, you're going to get hurt, whether you're in spring training or the World Baseball Classic. But I want everybody to understand, we're not going out there only trying to win and forgetting about our players. We have a responsibility to the organizations that are allowing the players to play, and we're also going to try to get them ready for the regular season.”
 Manny Acta - “There's still a lot of baseball left in Sosa, he's only had one bad year and has a lot to offer the Dominican team.”
 Manny Acta - “It took me by surprise that a team with such tradition as the Dodgers would consider me. I'm going with an open mind as if the job was mine. The Dodgers are equal to baseball, so I feel proud to be considered to be their manager.”
 Manny Acta - “They always say the most important pitch in baseball is Strike 1. It's even more important now.”
 Manny Acta - “This park brings back good and bad memories. We fell short, but it was good to make it here. Our expectations were very high because of the team we had, but I also understood that in baseball you never know because it's a very short tournament and anything can happen. I still think when you look at the size of the country where we come from and the number of players we have, we have the best athletes.”
 Manny Acta - “It's a short tournament and we have to stay humble about it. It's baseball and anything can happen. We feel very good about the group we got here. We actually have the group we wanted and they seem to have the special love to play for their country.”
 Manny Acta - “I don't want the word patriotism being brought up over here because of these guys being professional and (some) other teams are not. Because when you have 100 million in the bank and a contract and you leave everything and take a chance and come over here and play for your country, if that isn't patriotism, I don't know what it is.”
 Manny Acta - “There is a window in that we'll have big 27 show up for the next round. It's not etched in stone yet, but it's almost money in the bank and we're pretty excited about it.”
 Manny Acta - “The crowd did help us. We have a big Dominican community here. But I think the game was so good, the players weren't even paying attention to the fans. They were focused on the game.”

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