My Favorite Quotes
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 Seiji Adachi - “The underlying trend of consumer spending has been quite solid recently due to the improvement in the job and wage market. Consumption was strong last quarter and played a key role in supporting growth and we can expect further growth from consumption this year.”
 Seiji Adachi - “The figures show that the economy has climbed out of a weak patch and that the underlying trend in capital spending is very strong.”
 Seiji Adachi - “Output was slightly weaker than expected, but I wouldn't worry too much.”
 Seiji Adachi - “It's not just the headline figure that is improving. Full-time jobs are now on the rise, whereas a little while back it was just part-time and contract workers.”
 Seiji Adachi - “It's going just as everyone has been expecting. We'll probably see the year-on-year (CPI) increase jump to 0.3 or 0.4 percent next month as the effect of one-off factors last year fades, giving the BOJ more confidence about a policy change.”
 Seiji Adachi - “There is no prospect that gains in oil prices will calm down any time soon.”
 Seiji Adachi - “Political opposition to the Bank of Japan ending its policy has clearly been removed. With the government's support, the central bank is now beset with the overall responsibility to ensure the economy keeps expanding after shifting its policy.”
 Seiji Adachi - “Investors and traders have already factored in the Bank of Japan changing its policy in March or April. If the central bank doesn't take action by then, it would risk spooking financial markets.”