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 Adam Ereli - “One day they will say there is a deal and the other day they will say there is no deal, and then they will say there is one only on their terms.”
 Adam Ereli - “The problem has clearly not been solved and the problem is widespread. We and the Iraqi government continue to have concern about the way prisoners are treated in Iraqi facilities and in facilities nominally under the control of the Iraqi government.”
 Adam Ereli - “There is no rift between the United States and South Korea. We are close allies. We are close partners in a broad bilateral relationship and particularly in our common approach to denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.”
 Adam Ereli - “The fears are baseless. I think it's pretty clear to us that the motivation for this is not the accusation itself ... The motivation is an effort to detract from the government's increasingly deficient record of cooperation.”
 Adam Ereli - “It is our understanding that these discussions have been productive. They're moving forward.”
 Adam Ereli - “What's clear and, I think, should be no surprise to any of us is that Azerbaijan is an important country in the region, as well as to the United States.”
 Adam Ereli - “So we're going to have to work within those constraints while at the same time being mindful that the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people have to be met. And we're going to look for ... creative and workable solutions to that very difficult conundrum.”
 Adam Ereli - “We have a fighting chance, folks are at the table and working hard.”
 Adam Ereli - “And we pursue all of these in parallel while at the same time sticking to our principles and not sacrificing expediency for principle.”
 Adam Ereli - “We continue to look at ways that we can pressure and isolate the leaders of Belarus who are responsible for these outrages.”
 Adam Ereli - “Syria must immediately end the flow of arms to militias within Lebanon and cooperate with the Lebanese government on border security.”
 Adam Ereli - “Do they still seek to influence and intimidate Lebanese politicians and political life in Lebanon Absolutely.”
 Adam Ereli - “We remain confident that Pakistan clearly understands the U.S. concerns regarding proliferation of nuclear technology.”
 Adam Ereli - “We've seen the allegation, but we have not seen any information to substantiate what would seem to us to be rather bald assertions. And we would also note that Saudi Arabia is a party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, under which it has agreed not to obtain nuclear weapons.”
 Adam Ereli - “Our embassy officials have been in contact with the injured and t heir families. We are offering every assistance we can to them at this time.”
 Adam Ereli - “It is an unacceptable act of terror, a clear provocation and an escalation of violence.”
 Adam Ereli - “We believe that he should now hand power over to the parties and assume a ceremonial role in his country's governance.”
 Adam Ereli - “We also call upon the king to hand over power to the political parties and for the political parties to shoulder their responsibility and turn the people's demands for democracy and good governance into reality.”
 Adam Ereli - “One day they will say there is a deal and the other day they will say there is no deal, and then they will say there is one only on their terms.”
 Adam Ereli - “We view them with serious concern.”
 Adam Ereli - “That's a question best put to the Iraqis. It's their government. They'll decide who they want to head it. It's somebody who, under the terms of the Iraqi Constitution, needs to have the support of two-thirds of the National Assembly. So they've got to find somebody -- around which they can unite.”
 Adam Ereli - “The secretary and Foreign Secretary Straw noted, our message to the Iraqi political leadership is Let's hurry up and form a government because there's a political vacuum that is necessary to seal in order to address the sectarian violence.”
 Adam Ereli - “We want to ensure that all their questions are answered and that there is strong support for what the president sees as a major initiative that is both good for nonproliferation and good for the region.”
 Adam Ereli - “We're talking about a nuclear program characterized by deception and prevarication.”
 Adam Ereli - “At the time he applied, for the purposes for which he wished to come to the United States, and based on a review of his activity in the past, it was determined that there was no basis for ineligibility.”

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