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 Don MacAdam - “He was the only player they wanted. We were not in a very good bargaining position.”
 Don MacAdam - “We'd end up in the office talking hockey. He offered (to coach), and I'm not one to turn down help.”
 Don MacAdam - “We'll pay a reasonable price, but we're not paying 2,000. It's not like we smashed light fixtures.”
 Dianne McAdam - “I think tape's going to be around a long time, but it's being repositioned. We're still going to need tape to hold older backups and longer term archives because it's still the most inexpensive way to do that. The difference is that tape will be the second tier of backups, not the first tier anymore.”
 Bob McAdam - “We thought it was time to do a definitive study. . . . We thought it would add credibility.”
 Dianne McAdam - “This is a pretty powerful tool. Backup software does not keep historical information like this and other tape vendors do not have the capacity to keep this information for long periods of time.”
 Dianne McAdam - “A lot of times, if you want to add capacity to a tape library, you have to put together a new frame. The way this is designed, you can slide new boxes in and don't have to do any cabling.”
 Don MacAdam - “We talked about the things we should have done better and the players made the corrections today.”
 Don MacAdam - “Penalty killing takes all four skaters and the goaltender working together. If one guy screws up on the PK, you're in trouble. It's very much a unit thing.”
 Don MacAdam - “We need to get a couple of ugly goals, something to go off somebody's skate.”
 Bob McAdam - “While not commenting specifically on Mrs. Clinton, apparently there are those who want to appeal to union leaders regardless of what office theyre running for and whether they want to do what union leaders want done.”
 Bob McAdam - “There has been a frustration that some of the economic impact studies have been less than complete. It's worth us just challenging academics as a whole and commissioning our own study to see what the facts are.”
 Don MacAdam - “I didn't slam it. I simply closed it. It's a new building, sometimes things go wrong.”
 Don MacAdam - “Sometimes you just have to find that extra gear, that extra level. Even with the guys we're missing, having everybody contribute in their roles will give us a chance to succeed any night.”
 Don MacAdam - “As I told the league, I respect their opinion, but we've got an injured player who's already missed three games and he's likely going to miss six. The punishment is not remotely close to what it should be.”
 Dianne McAdam - “IT directors and administrators need to look for a comprehensive, all-around solution to data management to bring about corporate governance, compliance and efficient storage management.”
 Bob McAdam - “I think there are those who want to make it so.”
 Don MacAdam - “I finally got a call back and they said there should have been a penalty. The player has to make an attempt to avoid contact, and the player clearly didn't.”
 Don MacAdam - “He's a huge loss for us. One of our veterans. One of our captains. And the fact that he stayed and played (Friday) ... I just have great respect for him.”
 Don MacAdam - “I've heard (the rumors) for a couple of months now. It usually happens shortly after Christmas, after the turkey digests. But I don't know of a scenario why the team wouldn't be here next year.”
 Don MacAdam - “Our passing was abysmal. Passing is a caring skill. If you care to put the pass on the guy's tape, you can make it. I haven't played a game in 30 years and I know I can do it. I do it in practice every day.”
 Bob McAdam - “When you look at who is funding this (campaign), it's no great surprise. That coalition (of labor unions and environmentalists) has worked together in the past.”
 Bob McAdam - “Our opponents have organized the likes of a political campaign against us. It would be nonsense for us not to respond in a similar fashion.”
 Don MacAdam - “Whoever it was, there's no excuse for that behavior. I'm sure it's frustration. But there's still no excuse.”
 Mari Adam - “You're going to have to work with what's there in your 401(k). With your IRA, you can get creative. You're going to fill in the gaps.”

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