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 Dave Adams - “At the beginning of the year, I wanted to be realistic. I didn't think special teams was going to win games for us, but I didn't want to let it lose games for us, either.”
 Micky Adams - “Kevin has been nursing a groin strain so that is why he has not featured in the last two games, but he is ready to come back into the squad for Preston.”
 Micky Adams - “There wasn't a lot in it over the two games. We can be proud despite going out.”
 Mark Adams - “It was really tough to play four games in four nights and also trying to get prepared for a team that ran so many sets. Their coach has a great offensive mind. We beat a very good team.”
 Russ Adams - “I don't know if I'm working harder, I'm just trying to get my work in each day. I think it's important in the spring to focus more on work than trying to prepare for the games. Getting your legs in good shape and making sure that you're ready to go when opening day comes is really important. Working hard down here is the only way that you can achieve that.”
 Pam Adams - “We had some pretty pooped kids at the end of that third game. But hopefully we can stay focused with just two games in a day.”
 Pam Adams - “They were just good games. Most teams are pretty tired at this point in the season, and the injury bug has got us a little bit.”
 Sue Adams - “I was thrilled we even got her in these games. She's been great supporting the team, but it was great to have her back. To see her running up and down the floor was huge.”
 Henry Brooks Adams - “Susceptibility to the highest forces is the highest genius.”
 Mark Adams - “He was going to kill that girl, but thanks to the swift and heroic actions of the police, he was subdued.”
 Will Adams - “Right now we wink and we nod and we give many of the same services and privileges to illegal aliens.”
 Landon Adams - “I think that's part of the calling God has given me -- that if you're willing and faithful to do the work God will give you the strength and guidance needed.”
 Hassan Adams - “They played well. You've got to give props where it's due. That ball was just bouncing their way, really it was.”
 Mauvolyene Adams - “Pressure for pressure. That was one of the things we talked about in the locker room. Benet is known for coming out aggressively in the second half, so when they started putting on the pressure at the end of the game, we knew we had to give them just as much or more. And that's what we tried to do.”
 Russ Adams - “The feeling I had was that he had gotten cold feet. The tenor of all the changes was to write out all of the strings attached... It was like, 'give me 150,000, no strings attached.' But that money is coming from the state.”
 Joey Adams - “Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which you put your money in your pants pocket and give your coat to your creditors”
 Doug Adams - “The money was set aside for us, but the stipulation was that we had to hold a referendum first. If we didn't act now, we'd lose the money because the SCC would be entitled to give it to another school district with a successful referendum.”
 Chuck Adams - “I don't really judge it by wins. My personal goal is a .500 season. I don't set that goal for them. Their goal is to give me everything they have and learn as much as they can this season.”
 Tommy Adams - “My first instinct when I have the puck and I have the shot is to shoot at that open spot (of the net). I get a lot of my goals that way, but also score on rebounds as well.”
 Micky Adams - “Half our problem last season was that we leaked too many goals, so I decided we needed more solidity and leadership at the back,”
 Keith Adams - “It's mostly just mental preparation now. We just need to start focusing on accomplishing the goals we've set for ourselves.”
 Gerry Adams - “to build political support for republican and democratic objectives across Ireland and win support for those goals internationally.”
 Stephanie Adams - “Don't ever underestimate my kindness for weakness. I have a heart of gold, but the strength of titanium. (Stephanie Adams Personal Quote)”
 Kyle Adams - “Those are the things I can help them with. I'm not a golf pro by any means. I can help some of the beginners, but most of the girls are so advanced. They get their technical help elsewhere.”
 Aaron Adams - “With all the lawn fertilizers, agricultural fertilizers, golf courses, etc., nobody's arguing that there are more nutrients in the system than is natural.”

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