My Favorite Quotes
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 Patricia Adams - “We must remember that increasing living donation alone will not save enough lives. We must continue to educate the public about the importance of organ donation.”
 Henry Brooks Adams - “It is impossible to underrate human intelligence - beginning with one's own”
 Maude Adams - “I had not finished the first act before the quaint character of Peter Pan had charmed me. I could feel the presence of the Fairies and the Indians and the Pirates and the lost boys of Never-Never-Never Land.”
 Henry Brooks Adams - “Absolute liberty is absence of restraint responsibility is restraint therefore, the ideally free individual is responsible to himself”
 Randy Adams - “This whole incident was started by a deranged individual who was suicidal,”
 Micky Adams - “Dennis will offer a lot to our squad both on and off the pitch. He is a committed and determined individual.”
 Randy Adams - “We're very confident that he is the correct individual, ... Not only through his own admissions, but we actually have a couple of witnesses that were on the train that actually saw him fleeing from the vehicle.”
 Frank Adams - “I could see how this could deal a major crushing blow to the building industry and to the green industry in particular.”
 Tim Adams - “We would like to see more US firms (in Malaysia), 250 or 350. This is a shared objective that we have. We would (also) love to see more US firms participating in the financial service industry here.”
 Tim Adams - “Properly presented, I think the routine publication of data would provide added information to reach fundamental judgments about exchange rate regimes.”
 Jeff Adams - “We continue to work with Titan to review all relevant information related to Titan's relationship with international consultants.”
 Patricia Adams - “It remains to be seen whether people are willing to pay for excellent information or not.”
 Jerry Adams - “The U.S. Army's transformation demands that smaller groups of forces be able to securely communicate at greater distances. The long-haul capabilities of the ANPRC-150 radio systems allow soldiers to transmit voice, data, images, and situational awareness information, using the highest grade of encryption available.”
 Steve Adams - “The letter contains no factual information regarding the allegations leveled against me.”
 Jim Adams - “There's not enough information to know how much to apply for.”
 Gerry Adams - “courageous and confident initiative.”
 Carl Adams - “It's really hard for us to win these matches when we surrender half a dozen points due to poor match-ups. Our freshmen have shown a lot of poise, but we lost two valuable guys to injury in the beginning of the year and you just can't replace them.”
 Rupert Adams - “Given England's injury ravaged squad it is not surprising that it is one way traffic in the betting. To put it bluntly - you don't need a calculator to add up the cash we've taken for England.”
 Paul Adams - “She's made a complete turnaround the last three weeks. I couldn't believe it, ... She's a big inspiration.”
 John Adams - “Books that cannot bear examination, certainly ought not to be established as divine inspiration by penal laws”
 Gerry Adams - “We are in this particular situation because once again unionists threaten the institutions and Dr. Reid moved to accommodate them.”
 Michael Adams - “Josef Ackermann's personal integrity is not in question. He didn't see the red line that some courts have seen. But it's a squishy concept.”
 Yolanda Adams - “She said she will, and she's a woman of integrity and the Lord.”
 Rupert Adams - “We have been betting on the boat race for over 20 years and last years was by far the biggest turnover with over 100,000 wagered including a winning bet of 13,000 from a Windsor customer. I am sure that this years race will attract similar interest and it will be to see where the money goes.”
 Michael Adams - “The Do You Know A Brawny Man contest is really exciting because it is actually being driven by consumer interest. The Brawny Man has a bit of mystique about him that seems to intrigue people.”

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