My Favorite Quotes
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 Jere Adcock - “The most impressive thing to me about him now is how many yards he gains after contact. He doesn't give you a big target to hit, and he's exceptionally strong.”
 LeRoy Adcock - “I went from a barber to cattleman, out of cattle into horses. The rest is history.”
 LeRoy Adcock - “That was the most money we had ever seen in this house.”
 Mike Adcock - “I thought we played hard tonight, and did well defensively holding Oconee County to only 62 points. We just didn't have any offensive answers.”
 Scott Adcock - “We're going to be in a recovery effort for a good long time. But the state is not facing the same problems that the state of Louisiana and Mississippi are experiencing.”
 Scott Adcock - “The conditions are improving to some degree and we did not experience treacherous weather overnight, but there is still the chance for icing.”
 Mike Adcock - “They controlled the tempo and we knew that would be the key to the game. I'm proud of the guys for not quitting and giving me everything they had. It was a great group to work with.”
 Steve Adcock - “We had a case two years ago where one individual shot another. We actually found drugs and paraphernalia on this person. You've got a family that's asking for answers and you can't give it to them and they don't understand why you can't lock this person up for being under the influence.”
 Scott Adcock - “We've had 2,000 people evacuated in Elba, and we've got a lot of National Guard missions ongoing to assist with all types of different emergencies.”
 Scott Adcock - “There's no rain, and that's good news.”
 Steve Adcock - “This bill was introduced well before Cheney shot his friend, and, for that matter, this is the third year we've been trying to get this bill passed. It has nothing to do with Cheney and there's nothing sinister behind our motives.”
 LeRoy Adcock - “We lost a friend, almost a person. He has helped make the track as popular as he is -- not only in Louisiana, but Texas people, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi. We want to name a race after him and we want to bury him on the track.”
 Jere Adcock - “They're probably the best defensive team we've seen yet. And from the offense side, they're multiple - they can throw and they can run. It's going to put a lot of pressure on our defense to be able to stop them.”
 Steve Adcock - “In the past a person could shoot somebody, and if the court didn't see fit to prosecute them for culpable negligence, they could go back out hunting.”
 Steve Adcock - “Just imagine having your child killed in a hunting accident and somebody walks in and asks for a copy and next week your child's picture is on the Internet.”
 Mike Adcock - “We feel like we can control the boards and therefore we can run when we want or slow it down and then pound the ball inside. It's worked so far for us in the playoffs and I think we can have some success inside against Oconee.”
 Scott Adcock - “We know we're going to get sleet and snow, but just how we're going to be impacted by the icing is our biggest concern.”
 LeRoy Adcock - “He was a big long-legged black animal. As he got bigger that ankle blended in to his size and it wasn't all that noticeable.”
 LeRoy Adcock - “He stepped in hole as a baby. I ran cold water on it out of the well, but it never did go down.”