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 William Gaddis - “Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance”
 Dana Addis - “We were down 16-7 late in the first quarter, and we scored the next 17 points. We were able to put them in some tough spots and capitalize on their mistakes.”
 Steve Gaddis - “We're excited about having him next year as we learn more about our offense and become more complex. You look at the Dallas Cowboys, their tight ends play a big role in their offense, and we're hoping T.J. can do that for us next year, too.”
 William Gaddis - “Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance.”
 William Gaddis - “What is it they want from the man that they didn't get from the work What do they expect What is there left when he's done with his work, what's any artist but the dregs of his work, the human shambles that follows it around”
 William Gaddis - “He was the only person caught in the collapse, and afterward, most of his work was recovered too, and it is still spoken of, when it is noted, with high regard, though seldom played.”
 William Gaddis - “How some of the writers I come across get through their books without dying of boredom is beyond me.”
 Jacky Gaddis - “They are not real free throws in Elks, because no one is tired. I have always thought that they should have to run, then shoot.”
 Dana Addis - “That's our bread and butter. Sometimes it's good and it was good tonight. The first time we played them they handled it very well and last Friday they played it well.”
 Jacky Gaddis - “One of the best things about it is that it's the same for everyone. The same for girls and for the younger ages. Everyone is shooting the same shot. It is really enjoyable to watch.”
 C.J. Gaddis - “I'm not totally sure myself. I'm just going to go out there and work hard and get back what I want.”
 William Gaddis - “Justice -- You get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law.”
 C.J. Gaddis - “It's been kind of difficult. But everybody has some obstacles they've got to overcome. I just look at this as one of them. Get better.”
 C.J. Gaddis - “It wasn't all my fault, but it was more on me because I make the calls, and it was in my area.”
 William Gaddis - “We're comic. We're all comics. We live in a comic time. And the worse it gets the more comic we are.”
 C.J. Gaddis - “I think we're going to play well. We don't really have any names back there. We don't have a Gaines Adams or an Anthony Waters in our secondary, but we'll develop some by the first couple of games.”
 Dana Addis - “Revere has won a couple of games in a row. Both teams will play really hard. This game will have an intense atmosphere, and it will test our mettle.”
 William Gaddis - “. . . That's what my work is about, the collapse of everything, of meaning, of language, of values, of art, disorder and dislocation wherever you look, entropy drowning everything in sight . . . that's what I have to go into before all my work is misunderstood and distorted and, and turned into a cartoon . . .”
 William Gaddis - “Power doesn't corrupt people, people corrupt power.”
 Dana Addis - “Still, this group won the most games in a season in 23 years. We came into this game winning 17 out of our last 19 games. We gave our community a lot to be proud of. We didn't make them proud with this performance, but one game isn't going to take anything away from their accomplishments this year. That (St. V-M) was a very good team.”
 William Gaddis - “Can't you see you go public and all these people owning you want is dividends and running their stock up, you don't give them that and they sell you out, you do and some bunch of vice presidents some place you never heard of like the ones that turned this out, this wood product they call it, they spot you and launch an offer and all of a sudden you're working for them trimming and cutting and finally bringing in people to turn something out they don't care what the hell it is, there's no pride in their work because what you've got them turning out nobody could be proud of in the first place.”
 Dana Addis - “What a blessing it is for a coach to have guys like Andrew and Horton. We don't have to worry about them when they're on the floor.”
 William Gaddis - “I see the player piano as the grandfather of the computer, the ancestor of the entire nightmare we live in, the birth of the binary world where there is no option other than yes or no and where there is no refuge.”
 Dana Addis - “We've made a push to play our best basketball in the final two weeks. We will need to be at our best mentally and physically in the tournament.”
 Jacky Gaddis - “I think that free throws are the most overlooked thing in basketball. There are some coaches who don't even practice them. We try to get in 100 every day.”

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