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 Mike Quade - “Everybody's contributed to this point. Felix - he's got a bright future and he showed that he's an exciting player with that bases-loaded triple . . . that blew the game open, but after just four games, you don't want to get too carried away.”
 Dave Meade - “We're happy to get a win. The girls battled against a good team. These are the kind of games we need before the tournament. We got behind and came back. The girls now know they can do that.”
 Dwyane Wade - “Coach Flip, he had something to say about the rivalry. But it is all fun and games.”
 Dwyane Wade - “No question, this is one of the best games we've played thus far this year, especially playing against a team that's been playing exceptionally well of late. We would like to see more of this. And I think we're getting there.”
 Dwyane Wade - “One of the best games we've played so far this year.”
 Michael Grade - “We have lost a national treasure - a comic actor of real genius.”
 Ed Wade - “The price was very high, ... But to get a prime bullpen arm, you have to give up something.”
 Rodney Eade - “We'll give it a couple of weeks for the swelling to go down and he'd probably have an operation at the end of the month.”
 Joseph Made - “The national crop assessment has not been done, so I cannot say anything about harvest expectations. In terms of government-to-farmer support, there were indeed many inadequacies, but why should farmers expect government to give them everything We only provide to the needy, not everyone. They should learn to work hard on their own.”
 Nancy Laussade - “Quilters are giving anyway. So it's really nice to give my customers a place to participate.”
 Nancy Wade - “We give students a deadline by which they must have their pieces memorized. We suggest they set an amount of lines to be memorized for each day so that they are not caught short because they must memorize up to seven minutes of dialogue.”
 Lori Blade - “The girls didn't quit, and that's the key. I'm proud of them for keeping their composure the last four minutes. This is the postseason. Teams are going to come in and give us everything they have, and we have to respond to it. And for the most part tonight, we did that.”
 Frank Schade - “It should hurt. If you are a competitor and you give everything you have, it's going to hurt. It always does. If it doesn't, then you didn't do much, you didn't leave it on the floor.”
 John Reade - “Gold and the other precious metals appear to have found support after the recent sell-off, however, we believe it is too soon to turn bullish on gold specifically.”
 John Reade - “We do not believe that this correction is over and suspect that gold will now consolidate between recent extremes of 545 and 568, with a break of 575 needed to bring back bullish sentiment.”
 John Reade - “Gold has started 2006 in a positive manner and we suspect that this strength will continue in the near term.”
 John Reade - “After the rapid rally in gold over the past few months a correction is almost inevitable at some point and this could be it.”
 John Reade - “We suspect that technical buying of gold and silver on COMEX (New York) will be triggered by a positive announcement of the silver ETF.”
 John Reade - “The release of the COTR report tonight is likely to be the final piece of information we need to decide to sell gold,”
 John Reade - “I do believe that the recent run up in gold has been almost entirely driven by speculative and investment demand as jewelry demand has fallen sharply.”
 John Reade - “We believe the strength of the physical market is vitally important for 2006 even though gold is rising on speculative and investment buying, at some point there will be a reversal of this trend and gold will correct.”
 John Reade - “Gold is in search of a fresh catalyst to return it to recent highs.”
 John Reade - “We believe that gold is attempting to find a range with the recent extremes of 535 and 555 likely to confine the metal for a while.”
 John Reade - “We had a period of needed consolidation in gold ... with rallying base metals, strong silver prices and improving momentum, we can probably go higher.”
 John Reade - “I would say that when buying gold shares, additional risk is taken on compared to buying the metal or a derivative thereon.”

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