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 Rick Adelman - “We're just trying to make sure somebody's on him all the time.”
 Rick Adelman - “We really moved the ball well tonight. We still didn't shoot as well as we can. We had a lot of assists, but they're a hard team to guard. You know they were going to make a run they always do here.”
 Rick Adelman - “I just thought in the first quarter (that) we made a lot of mental mistakes defensively that we can't make against this team. And in the second quarter, they shot it so well that it just snowballed. We got very impatient offensively, and that just played right into their hands.”
 Rick Adelman - “I told him I would put the ball in his hands, call plays for him, make him make decisions.”
 Rick Adelman - “Ron made James work for all the shots he got. We did not want to let him get to the basket, which Ron did a great job of. We wanted to make other people beat us tonight. Fortunately, they didn't.”
 Rick Adelman - “Ron made James work for the shots he got. We really wanted to have somebody in his way when he came off picks. We just didn't want him to get to the basket or get on any kind of roll. We wanted to make other people beat us.”
 Rick Adelman - “We were trying to make the spectacular play, and all we talked about at halftime was trying to make the simple play. I thought the first half we really forced a lot of things, and during the second half, we calmed down the ball pretty well.”
 Rick Adelman - “They played hard down the stretch to make it a two point game and gave ourselves a chance to win. We missed shots and then Nash came back in and controlled the last couple minutes. Those other guys were getting rattled and he came back in and controlled the offensive end.”
 Rick Adelman - “The kid is so explosive. He's going to get better. He's going to make it.”
 Rick Adelman - “I thought our guys played hard. We wanted to give ourselves a chance to push forward and we did that. We just couldn't make enough stops.”
 Rick Adelman - “That was our philosophy. Go at him. Make him try to defend. Its hard to post him up. We moved the ball pretty well, and we got him to react to people coming at him.”
 Rick Adelman - “Kenny came up huge in the end. He was the guy they were leaving open and he hit that one shot with a little bit of luck, then the second one was dead center and he hit the free throws.”
 Rick Adelman - “That's a tough loss. It's very disappointing to have lost that game, the last game of the trip.”
 Rick Adelman - “That's a tough loss. We have to play just a bit better. We made the stops we needed to make tonight, and we certainly did enough defensively. We just have to play better.”
 Rick Adelman - “Obviously it was a real disappointing loss. We did very poorly offensively and in the second quarter we just couldn't play well as a team, Washington pretty much controlled the tempo.”
 Rick Adelman - “Oh, yeah. I thought it was lucky when I saw it live, but then I watched the videotape and it bounced twice on the rim and off the top of the board. I don't know if Brent works on the kind of spin he put on that shot, but it went in, and that's one of the reasons they're a great team.”
 Rick Adelman - “That changed a lot. With Kevin out as well, the only guy we really had to guard Richardson was Ron. (But) still, when it happened, we weren't playing the way we needed to play.”
 Rick Adelman - “We really moved the ball well and we followed our game plan.”
 Rick Adelman - “We were a team without a personality. With Ron, we have one.”
 Rick Adelman - “We struggled playing the game tonight. We didn't pass the ball well, we turned the ball over, you can't win like that. We shot the ball poorly, and our decision-making was bad.”
 Rick Adelman - “I know what they're going through. It's a difficult situation. It looks good on paper, but it doesn't always work that way. When they made the deal, I thought they were going to be more athletic. They scare me to death because they have talent. Who knows, they can win one or two games and then win five or six in a row. That's what happened to us.”
 Rick Adelman - “I don't want to be down 3-0 to the world champions. That would make it tough. It's definitely a game we have to win. ... They're the best road team in the league. When you're playing a team like this in the playoffs, they're not going to be intimidated by our crowd, but our crowd can certainly get us going.”
 Rick Adelman - “To say the least, it's gratifying to come from where we were. Those guys in the locker room deserve a lot of credit. They stayed with it. I'm really proud of them and the way they came back and hung together, and now they're in.”
 Rick Adelman - “They hit us in every phase of the game. They overpowered us inside and they got us on the open court and we didn't get back. We did all right offensively for a while, but as soon as we turned it over and missed shots, they were outrunning us.”
 Rick Adelman - “He's been a solid player on both ends of the court for us. He brings a lot of energy and plays hard every night.”

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