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 Adam Adelman - “When you consider alternatives such as Linux, arguments in favor of Windows are not as appealing. This worm was basically an exercise to show off the flaws in Microsoft security and Microsoft didn't fare too well.”
 Adam Adelman - “It'll take another round of earnings to confirm some of the optimism that's been going around. And I don't know that I would say all the news was necessarily good. A lot of companies beat much-lowered expectations and didn't necessarily have rosy outlooks.”
 Adam Adelman - “A lot of investors have been conditioned to expect surprises on the upside from tech companies so when they see companies just meet expectations they get nervous.”
 Adam Adelman - “We're already starting to see valuations get stretched again. It's not unlikely that we can get back close to 1,700 on the Nasdaq, but I don't think that's necessarily justifiable. That's just a function of trading psychology in the short run.”
 Adam Adelman - “Juniper, Foundry and Extreme will carve out a little niche for themselves, but their long-term growth potential is restricted by Cisco.”
 Adam Adelman - “You can make a fair argument that they were undervalued. Some were priced for bankruptcy so it's not that surprising that we've seen this bounce.”
 Adam Adelman - “There could be a bit of the January effect. Some end-of-the-year profit taking is creating buying opportunities.”
 Adam Adelman - “Valuations remain a little stretched, and we could see some further weakness into the early part of the year.”
 Adam Adelman - “In spite of the Gateway announcement, there seems to be some firming in demand for PCs and flash memory. Pricing is starting to improve. And for IT services, capacity utilization is finally starting to improve.”
 Adam Adelman - “We'll probably trend a little bit lower in the next couple of weeks. A lot of the gains have been on positive comments made by companies like Dell and IBM, but I think a lot of this reflects market-share shifts rather than a recovery in the overall market.”
 Adam Adelman - “Potential customers have more faith and confidence in the financial health of IBM.”
 Adam Adelman - “I don't think there's enough evidence to support the argument that there is a recovery in information technology.”
 Adam Adelman - “Software companies have sold off aggressively but some information technology managers have indicated a willingness to spend in that area.”
 Adam Adelman - “I don't see how the company can have that kind of visibility, especially with a management team that had to revise earnings three times within one quarter last year. They don't have credibility.”
 Adam Adelman - “Investors are having problems with reliability and the problem is that it's not impossible to fake a statement of cash flows.”
 Adam Adelman - “A quicker-than-expected recovery in capital expenditure spending will probably be the biggest catalyst, if one occurs at all.”
 Adam Adelman - “The market will take any good news it can wrap its arms around so if Dell offers some encouragement that might mark a short-term bottom for tech. But it has to say some positive things about the spending environment, which isn't likely since there is no incentive to be overly optimistic.”
 Adam Adelman - “There's a tremendous translation advantage for techs that get a lot of revenue overseas, but you have to look at these gains as one-time events since the dollar can't decline forever.”
 Adam Adelman - “I don't really see today's bad corporate news as significant fundamental factors, I see it more as an excuse for short-term profit-taking. The correction we've seen is very small relative to the rally we've seen in the last few weeks.”
 Adam Adelman - “I don't think it's inappropriate for Amazon or eBay to have higher valuations than other retailers, but it seems like those companies' valuations are a little stretched right now.”
 Rick Adelman - “It's a real sense of accomplishment. We had to fight through so many things. We made the trade, we had injuries, but we just kept coming. I'm really proud of the way they came back. They hung together, and now they're in.”
 Rick Adelman - “It's gratifying to come from where we were, especially the last three weeks. We got back into this thing, and that's a real accomplishment. On Jan. 30, we were behind about six teams that didn't make it. ... This is the fun part. It's a new season, and anything can happen.”
 Rick Adelman - “He's definitely had an impact on the way we defend because he is a great defender. He gives us a guy who can basically shut down people. He also does things you just can't teach. Every situation, he has great instinct and he has great physical ability.”

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