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 Tom Schrader - “We've kind of stalled here. Basically we've seen some profit-taking based on the gains we've had since mid-October.”
 Russ Rader - “The roads are definitely safer, but the progress we were making has stalled. Part of the problem is that many of the gains we've seen in making safer vehicles, getting more people to buckle up, reducing alcohol-impaired driving many of those gains have been offset by things we haven't dealt with effectively, and speed is one of those things.”
 Dave Rader - “The last couple of games, we had a lot of (the same) goals, but one thing we haven't done is have more big plays than the other team. We operate on big plays. We need those big plays to happen.”
 Tom Schrader - “Everyone's always concerned about inflationary pressures, and the CPI will certainly give us a hint about that on the consumer side.”
 Tom Schrader - “Sometimes Greenspan tends to spin a web when he's talking, so I am not sure how many hints he'll give about the size and speed of interest rate hikes.”
 Tom Schrader - “Everyone's always concerned about inflationary pressures, and the CPI will certainly give us a hint about that on the consumer side,”
 Nathan Vader - “Everything we've worked on all year is coming together right now. Every kid is just so confident and they truly believe that they can all be champions. Everyone feeds off each other. No one wants to go out and give half a performance. Every kid wants to be a star.”
 Ken Schrader - “We're unloading the best stuff we've got, which is good stuff. We don't have four teams to go comparing notes to, but you do what you can do with what you've got. It's not like they're unloading stuff that we don't have. They just have a lot more of it.”
 Danny Shader - “The industry always has been and continues to be highly litigious. That's never good for anyone it takes focus away from customers and innovation.”
 Tom Schrader - “I'm trying to stay positive but it's really hard. I guess one silver lining is that October, historically, has often been a period when we've been able to put in a good bottom and see real capitulation. We've already hit several lows this month and from a technical standpoint, it looks like because we are at such extreme levels, we really could see some sort of rally before the end of the year.”
 Tom Schrader - “It (the advance) seems to be very broad-based, with really good breadth,”
 Dennis Rader - “I remember problems with Josephine because her hair was in the way.”
 Jason Ader - “MGM is very deliberate. They are not going to do a deal that isn't immediately accretive to earnings per share. Harrah's, on the other hand, has done deals that aren't accretive.”
 Danny Shader - “This is a beginning of a 10-year shift in computing. Everything that can possibly be done on a hand-held will be done on a hand-held.”
 Russ Rader - “It's acceptable with its standard side airbags on the side test and also good in the head test, and that's a relatively inexpensive car.”
 Russ Rader - “Once again, these tests show the importance of side-impact bags. In a head-on crash you have the entire front end of the vehicle to crush and help protect you. In a side crash, there's very little there to absorb the impact, so you are much better protected with side air bags.”
 Tom Schrader - “I wouldn't discount the likelihood that next week will be flat to lower. It's a holiday week, volume will be light, and after four up weeks we'll need a pause.”
 Ralph Nader - “was to discuss issues of interest to the daily lives of the American public -- to put the focus on the human race, not the presidential horse race.”
 Ralph Nader - “There are a lot of empty seats that are about to be filled with corporatists surrounded by corporate hospitality suites funded by 13 million of taxpayers money. That's a pretty sickly witches' brew for a private convention where corporations have poured 100 million into it. The taxpayers should not have to fund these political conventions.”
 Brett Bader - “The math is tough in the Senate, but they (Republicans) should pick up House seats. I don't see how they can help but pick up.”
 James Spader - “One of the things I like most about doing a television series is that I really don't have any idea what is going to happen, ... I love that.”
 Bob Shrader - “Lindsey can take up space. She's smart and her potential to improve is tremendous. She's going to even score more when she expands her game.”
 Fran Clader - “The individual in question is no longer employed.”
 Tom Schrader - “They'll be looking at the PPI with a real hard eye for what inflation is going to be,”
 Tom Schrader - “They'll be looking at the PPI with a real hard eye for what inflation is going to be.”

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