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 Zeke Grader - “The wet winter does give us time to sit down with them and see how we can meet those requirements.”
 Douglas Bader - “Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.”
 Gretta Bader - “Fulbright was always a wonderful, warm, intelligent human being. I enjoyed his intensity. ... You really had to be on your toes.”
 Russ Rader - “They are very effective. Research around the world shows that they cut down on speeding.”
 Paul Schrader - “It's great when somebody comes at you and says, 'We have a big serious movie and we want to hire you because you're a serious person'. Particularly in today's world, when you spend so much of your time pretending that you're not.”
 Ralph Nader - “Bush is the worst of the worst on this. You couldn't have anybody worse. He brags about it, he boasts about it, it's one of his top 10 issues.”
 Tom Schrader - “You're going to see increased volatility through the end of the week, and it's probably going to be even worse Friday,”
 James Spader - “Acting is easy and fun. You earn a lot of money, and you bang out with girls. The profession is given tremendous significance within our society, but it's not really worthy of it.”
 Ralph Nader - “We're going to prove them wrong in November,”
 Ivo Sanader - “I felt no pressure. After six years in this job, people know they can't use pressure to change my views,”
 Ralph Nader - “He should be held accountable by voters for eight years of principles betrayed and promises broken.”
 Ken Schrader - “My life changed over seven years his life has changed over two. He's getting pulled at from every direction, but I think he's handling it good. I don't see where it's changed him at all. Maybe it's confused him because he gets hit with (stuff) he don't want to worry about. He wants to do all the same stuff he always wanted to do. He just loves to race.”
 Daniel Rader - “If all schools were green schools, we would recycle a lot more. If we keep on like we're going, the landfill will fill up in 14 years and we'll have to pay more for garbage and it will be bad.”
 Ken Schrader - “We've had it 10 years. Last year was our best season yet. It's doing real good.”
 Houston Mader - “I thought I wrestled well yesterday and felt good about today. I don't know what happened.”
 Ken Schrader - “This isn't something I have to do, but of all the tracks I've been to over the years, Toledo has been a real good one for us. The main thing I like about this place is that I'm a big fan of the ARCA people and that whole series. I want to maintain that long-standing relationship.”
 Bob Shrader - “I don't think being without them has seriously impacted the coverage on this kind of story. Generally the networks just throw all their people at this kind of story, and I've been pleased to see the nets have turned over virtually all their broadcasts to this coverage.”
 David Ader - “Without more critical information, people are not going to be willing to push it. I don't think the market has been short enough or bullish enough to push this rally further.”
 Tom Schrader - “Lexmark was bad, 3M was good, and in general you've had that today, with the mix of earnings sort of canceling each other out, ... I think people are using this as a reason to take profits, particularly after the tremendous run we've had, and I don't think that's a bad thing.”
 Tom Schrader - “I think a lot of people are sitting on their hands, waiting for a little more meaningful earnings reports, ... Alcoa was better than expected and we have GE earnings at the end of the week, so maybe that will give us some direction.”
 Tom Schrader - “Sentiment had gotten so bad. People are wanting to start get back in.”
 Tom Schrader - “I don't think people have set aside dollar concerns long-term or even intermediate-term, but definitely right now, short-term, people have calmed down about it.”
 Tom Schrader - “I think people are very worried that this is going to stretch out, particularly if it's close. No one knows who is going to win, or when they will win, and there's still talk of terror activity around the election.”
 Tom Schrader - “A slowing Chinese economy would put a damper on commodity prices, ... People are concerned that slowdown would hurt the global economy.”
 Tom Schrader - “A slowing Chinese economy would put a damper on commodity prices. People are concerned that slowdown would hurt the global economy.”

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