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 Brad Adgate - “If he can continue to get these kinds of people, I think the show has a future. They're kindred spirits. They've seen a lot of the same things and know what each other is thinking.”
 Brad Adgate - “They have a lot riding on 'American Idol' and, hopefully for Fox, the show has long coattails.”
 Brad Adgate - “ABC has righted the ship, ... This is the first year since the late 1990s heyday of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' that you're not really concerned about ABC.”
 Brad Adgate - “CBS is obviously dealing from a position of strength. They've already renewed 14 shows, which is more than half of their prime-time schedule.”
 Brad Adgate - “You might not get a return on your investment tomorrow. You're laying the groundwork.”
 Brad Adgate - “I think (bringing in a fresh face like Rock) was worth the risk.”
 Brad Adgate - “No one expected it now. Five years ago this was something people might have (speculated about), but not recently. When you look at it, it probably makes a lot of sense.”
 Brad Adgate - “Television networks don't deliver the audiences that they did a year ago or five years ago and yet (ad) prices continue to go up.”
 Brad Adgate - “The ones most threatened are local (television) stations and then the cable operators. How much opportunity is there for local retailers to advertise”
 Brad Adgate - “It would mean the end of made-for-TV movies on an ongoing basis. It could be another TV genre to go the way of Westerns and variety shows.”
 Brad Adgate - “In this world of media fractionalization, this is one of the last times you can count on getting about 90 million viewers at the drop of the hat. Advertisers realize this is the one event where people will actually watch your commercials.”
 Brad Adgate - “I think (NBC Universal's strategy) was brilliant. This was one way how media consolidation has really helped. The Olympics gave NBC a boost and gave viewers a chance to watch sporting events not typically covered.”
 Brad Adgate - “I think (NBC Universal's strategy) was brilliant, ... This was one way how media consolidation has really helped. The Olympics gave NBC a boost and gave viewers a chance to watch sporting events not typically covered.”
 Brad Adgate - “There is some value to playback (ratings), and I think that we'll see (it) because not everyone zaps the commercials. There are ways to avoid watching commercials when it's live. What the DVR ratings will tell you is who is zapping. When someone leaves the room (watching live TV), you never know.”
 Brad Adgate - “They raised the bar so high in the first season that it kind of lends itself to disappointment. It's like you get a rock band together and they put a fantastic first album out because they spent 20 years working on it and then it's like, what do you do for a follow-up ”
 Brad Adgate - “Late-night TV is starting to shift, ... The cable networks have started to effectively counter-program the broadcast networks. And they can get away with more daring content. They're starting to go after young adults.”
 Brad Adgate - “There is some concern that even though shows like 'Entourage,' 'Deadwood' and 'Rome' are well-received, they are not replacements for the Sopranos as a top-notch series to attract subscribers.”
 Brad Adgate - “I think a lot of people will be watching it in the office. People don't have TV sets in their office, but they do have a computer with a broadband connection.”
 Brad Adgate - “The stiffer competition probably played into (the 'Idol' falloff).”
 Brad Adgate - “The stiffer competition probably played into (the 'Idol' falloff),”
 Brad Adgate - “This lends stability to the company. It's always good to let people know who's in charge.”
 Brad Adgate - “By broadening their programming (with more entertainment-oriented shows) and still keeping it under the legal drama umbrella that their niche is, they've been able to generate higher ratings. They've certainly raised the profile in the buying community with these types of programs, and to separate the two helps distinguish one from the other, so you have an entertainment network that's still Court TV with legal type of programming.”
 Brad Adgate - “It is a huge dollar commitment for the Olympics, so that's a lot of money to be throwing around in sports.”
 Brad Adgate - “Geographic lines that have held certain parts of the TV business together are being eradicated and it's a big concern.”
 Brad Adgate - “You're getting a group of these 75 million baby boomers who are very, very active, and there's a lot of them.”

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