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 Lanny Wadkins - “I've been on both sides of that equation. I've left my partners hanging out to dry, and it's an awful feeling. You're trying as hard as you can and you just can't make it happen. Without fail, it comes down to the crucial shot, and you're not the one playing well and you end up tanking your partner. It doesn't feel much worse than that.”
 Trace Adkins - “Like tonight, I've got to go on stage, and man, my stomach has been hurting a lot, ... I'm dreading it. My gut's been cramping up, and it's burning, and I pretty much just want to sit here. When you hit the stage, you don't have the luxury of acting like you don't want to be there. You have to be on.”
 Hasil Adkins - “I don't live on a hill. I live down under a hill, in the bottom and I've got a lot of cars, yeah.”
 Brian Adkins - “That is part of how we play. We play in streaks and their goalie did a real good job in the second quarter.”
 Lanny Wadkins - “I think it's going to be the same thing that you always have Players are going to look at places where they play well. I think it's going to be the same criteria. I don't think the players are going to consider the Players Championship a major.”
 Doug Adkins - “There's a lot of things that don't make sense about this picture.”
 Brian Adkins - “The tempo was exactly where we wanted it. I think a few people were getting nervous, but we were doing exactly what we wanted. I knew that we would be alright and the goals would come.”
 Ruth Adkins - “I have learned more than they have, because I had to study so hard. And I think, it's peace that you get when you become a Christian and you can put your trust in God.”
 Jim Adkins - “We've been writing a little, but the hardest thing about writing on the road is it's difficult to get deep and flush out an idea you always have to go do something,”
 Jim Adkins - “We've been writing a little, but the hardest thing about writing on the road is it's difficult to get deep and flush out an idea you always have to go do something,”
 Ruth Adkins - “Neighborhood schools are keeping families in Portland. My husband can walk our daughter to school, then take the bus downtown. We can walk to the park, the pool, the library, and that's repeated all over town. I just hope people don't vote with their feet.”
 Trace Adkins - “What a great crowd tonight,”
 Jeff Adkins - “We couldn't press like we wanted to, but our pressure defense in the half-court set was great. We took their big guy out of the game, and that really made the difference.”
 Ruth Adkins - “Being a Christian does not guarantee us that we are going to have a trouble-free life, but we know that whatever happens to us, that God will give us the strength and courage to see it through.”
 Hasil Adkins - “I got me girlfriend Hazel Jean, and I just like where I come from. But don't get me wrong, I love all the country, but I still love where I come from.”
 Trace Adkins - “If you look at it as trying to broaden the appeal and kind of get out of the box and maybe reach some people who otherwise don't become exposed to country music, it could turn out to be a really good thing,”
 Lanny Wadkins - “I didn't think there was a better short-game teacher than Dick. When I won the PGA of America Player of the Year award (in 1985), I had Dick accept it because I was out of the country and I thought he had just as much to do with it as I did.”
 Trace Adkins - “I love playing the CMA Music Festival each year because it's one of the very best audiences you could hope for. It's one of the places you can perform where you know everyone there is a big Country Music fan.”
 Trace Adkins - “I don't think most people are aware of what a contribution to the sound of country music Buck had.”
 Trace Adkins - “New York City is a notoriously hard market to perform country music in.”
 Trace Adkins - “I've been in that situation many times, telling people why country music is important, and this is my chance to stand up for this genre.”
 Trace Adkins - “I know there are a lot of country music fans in New York City but the problem with doing a show in New York City is its very difficult to promote,”
 Dan Adkins - “I do think there has been an air of cooperation, and I think we are going to read this here and see we have made some progress on both sides.”
 Trace Adkins - “I only record songs that I really like and believe in and can sing with conviction.”
 Hasil Adkins - “That's when we was makin this video stuff. They went all over the place makin it. And they was wantin to know, at the college, how I got started playin and how do I do everything - you know, all that.”

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